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Why we commit to glass packaging - continuing our ongoing commitment to sustainability and eco innovation

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
Why we commit to glass packaging - continuing our ongoing commitment to sustainability and eco innovation

Our commitment to sustainable production methods and providing the highest quality natural skin care products is central to all that we do. Packaging is a big part of that and glass is our go to super hero vessel.

Why is glass the way to go?

All of our products are preserved in a glass vessel, why?  Simple!  Glass ensures the purity of our products as well as being a recyclable and sustainable resource.

By using glass we honor our pure ingredients, keeping them in the highest vibrational frequency.  By committing to glass we can keep our products more stable and alive, so when you use them, you get the best results.

Our in house lab is overseen by Jenette herself, she ensures the integrity of the entire production and packaging process from beginning to end. All of our products are created in a clean and loving environment, packaged immediately to ensure purity as well as ingredient stability.

There are many challenges to finding the right vessels for our products but we believe there is life after plastic!  Our new Green Tea - Superfood Facial Bar is the perfect example, this soap is packaged in beeswax wraps instead of foil or plastic.

Our customers

We are super pleased that our customers continuously let us know they appreciate our use of sustainable packaging, they feel good about purchasing our line as they are committed to eco-friendly packaging. Many of our devotees have since embraced other sustainable products such as reusable straws and water bottles. We continue to learn from each other and find innovative sustainable products all the time. 

Plastic Packaging by the numbers

Plastics used for packaging, both food and non-food, account for a staggering two-thirds of the world’s plastic waste. And it takes over hundreds of years for conventional plastic to breakdown.

Out of the nearly 300 million tons of plastic produced every year, half is for single use. Therefore sustainability solutions and eco packaging remains a critical topic for brands as it looks to eliminate and reduce plastic waste in all forms within the value chain, as well as meeting industry guidelines for biodegradability and self-regulation commitments.




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