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Want to learn how to properly dispose and recycle our materials?

Clean and non-toxic beauty are what constitute our brand... We believe that a brand cannot exist in the green beauty realm without making sustainability its first objective. Our committed, earth-first sustainable mission is truly the foundation of everything that we do.  It’s not a nicety, an afterthought, or a chance to hang our hats on a trend. It’s our rallying cry, our institution, and what we define as the backbone of truly clean beauty. By being mindful about your own lifestyle habits, you’re supporting our movement. Join us in our sustainability efforts... our biggest goal is to shrink and eliminate single use plastic.

If we don’t care for our natural world, we can’t expect nature to have the tools to care for us. This is how we see it: a brand cannot exist in the green beauty realm without making sustainability its first objective. A healthy planet is a means to healthy skin. We take this to heart, as our completely natural and totally uncompromised skincare is born purely and sustainably from concept to creation.

Our products are created and stored in glass containers, because it’s 100% recyclable, and plastic containers leak toxins into their contents which compromise the ingredients. We use as many eco-friendly packaging materials as possible, such as post-consumer waste and plant paper. While we're proud of every small and significant change we make, we recognize that there is always more work to be done. We are in constant search of ways to reduce our carbon footprint to the least detectable impact, and we take these measures into all aspects of our lives—you can too! Help us in making these small efforts to preserve the natural harmony that rewards us with beauty day in and day out.

We've also teamed up with Green Spark, which is dedicated to doing more for our planet by creating automated positive impact in seconds and takes environmental action every day, which every purchase you place. (See our impact widget at the bottom of our site.)

Below are some guidelines and knowledge on how you can start living a more sustainable life today!


Plastic is polluting our waterways at a rapid pace. One major contributor to the plastic pollution in our oceans is discarded fishing nets from commercial fishing boats. Overfishing is a huge contributor to the millions of tons of plastic in our oceans killing our fish and sea life. Without marine life in our oceans we cannot have a healthy planet. It is projected by the year 2030 there will be more pounds of plastic in our oceans than fish! Fish and marine life contribute to the balance of our ecosystem and provide much needed oxygen for our survival... more than even trees do! We must make the people responsible for this plastic pollution accountable for their actions.

TAKE ACTION: Download letter To Your State Congressman Demanding Change.


There are many things we can do on a daily basis to support this important step. Reuse any plastic bags you have for shopping or bring your own grocery and produce bags. Reuse empty glass and plastic containers for your next visit to the farmer's market or bulk store.

Take your stainless steel, glass, plastic, or silicone reusable bottles and containers with you everywhere you go, keeping extras in your car for any surprise coffee shop or take out purchases. Collapsible, reusable to-go containers are great for this purpose as they take up little space and you can have multiples.  (Check out our Smart Shopper checklist below.)

Think twice before throwing away that old, broken "thing".  Many "things" in our life break or get old and run down, not being able to perform the way they were originally intended. But before just tossing an item into the trash or recycle bin, take a minute to figure out if it can be repurposed for something else. You'll be surprised on how many "things" can have a second life.


Another notable measure that everyone can make and yet rarely does, is to be mindful about recycling. Throwing everything that might possibly be recyclable carelessly into the bin is not a best practice or strongest effort. There is a correct way to recycle, and it’s crucial to reducing the amount of waste that sits dangerously in landfills under the sun, its off-gasses washed into our oceans, and compromising nature’s microbiome support. 

When most of our earth becomes un-recycled waste instead of healthy soil, we can no longer provide the nutrient-dense formulas we rely on for our inside-out glow. You should be checking with your local recycle centers and county guidelines to see exactly just how much and what they will take, but this checklist (for the city of Los Angeles) is a good reference you can easily follow. To go above and beyond what your local center can process, TerraCycle showcases inspiring ways for everyone to #RecycleEverything! And of course, recycling is the last of the 4R’s (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) for good reason. It should be our last line of defense in our efforts to live more sustainably.

Recycling: A Guide to Saving Energy


It’s easy to sit back and think, “I’m just one person. How can my choices really affect the whole eco-system?” You are just one person, but you are one person who can make small changes. One simple choice you can make is to choose eco-friendly products. When it comes to shopping, look for products that are biodegradable, reusable, rechargeable, washable, compostable, and refillable. From food to beverages to household items, there are so many earth-conscious choices we can make to reduce our own footprints enormously and contribute to a clean earth and clean-beauty lifestyle. Shopping for organic local produce at your local farmers' market will not only bring you vibrant health and an inside-out glow, but it supports our seasonal ecosystem and reduces carbon emissions.

Shop at markets that sell local goods. They are often more fresh, delicious, and nutrient rich, and their products don’t go to waste as often as they do at local grocery stores. Buying at bulk stores (which are becoming more and more common), or a CSA box like Imperfect Foods is another great way to battle food waste.

Consider the planet when buying products just as much as you consider your health and your skin. Reef-safe sunscreen and non-toxic products will be easier on your body as well as our water and soil, for a beautiful symbiotic cycle of caring for one another.  Read more about how to select reef-safe sunscreen.

One great source for eco-friendly products is they have a huge selection of products for everyday life. You can also download our list of companies and products that we use on a day-to-day basis, all tried and tested by us. 



Reducing the amount of animal products we consume (especially dairy) has an enormous influence on our planet’s ability to thrive. Eating raw and vegan whenever possible, growing your own fruits and veggies (even if you only have space for one little pot of herbs or tomatoes) makes a dent in the way we see food, and how it gets to us, and what is sacrificed to get it to your local store and your home. Composting is an amazing practice that will reduce your food waste by providing nutrient soil for your garden, no matter the size. Or, utilize your leftovers, eat them, freeze them, or bring them to a friend to minimize food waste. Visit for helpful tips. When you only produce and take what you need, the rest of the planet will notice.


While we’ve mentioned many small daily wins to start you on a path towards clean, green living, there are endless ways you can incorporate larger scale practices to make a deep, resonating difference for the good of our beautiful planet. Updating your home with green practices will eventually reduce costs for yourself and your family by capturing our natural resources, harmlessly. Download our handy checklist of practical, everyday living practices you can start implementing today!


Become the next Earth hero and support organizations that help make our planet safe, clean and livable for every generation.

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