Wondering what to do with our shipping materials after you’ve unpacked your products? Or wondering how you should properly recycle our product bottles once empty?

When it comes to preventing waste, it’s always best to reuse things whenever possible. While we’re proud of our efforts to improve the sustainability of our products’ packaging and shipping materials, we recognize that we still have a bit more work to do. As we research how to best implement these improvements, please follow the steps below on how to properly and safely recycle and dispose of our current materials.

The more we all commit to sustainable practices, the faster we can help stop the climate crisis. In love and gratitude to Mother Earth!

Best practices for recycling our shipping materials. Please follow the steps.

  1. If you received your products in a protective envelope, please check with your local recycle Center to see if mixed material and loves can be recycled. If not unfortunately this needs to be thrown in the trash. (We are working towards having 100% recyclable protective envelopes later this year)
  2. If you received your products in a cardboard box, please peel off all packaging tape and discard in trash. The cardboard box is 100% recyclable.
  3. Any tissue paper that was used to wrap your products in, can be either composted or recycled. Again, it all depends on your local area guidelines.
  4. If you receive any additional packaging such as bubble wrap or brown paper... The brown paper can definitely be recycled, the bubble wrap also depends on your lawyers guidelines.
  5. If your local area Recycle center does not except bubble wrap, please try to reuse it. It’s great for art projects, packing gifts, packing away family heirlooms, etc.

(Later this year all of our shipping materials will be a 100% recyclable… Stay tuned.)


Best practices for recycling our product line containers. Please follow the steps.

  1. All of our glass bottles and jars are 100% recyclable. Please first peel off the label and discard in trash.
  2. Make sure the glass is 100% clean of any residue in 100% dry before recycling.
  3. Most recycle centers will recycle our plastic screw tops, but will not recycle other accessories like droppers or spray tops. Please check with your local recycle center for guidelines. Or use services like Terracycle for these special plastic accessories.
  4. Our boxes and plant paper that come with our soaps are both 100% recyclable.