Q. What sets these products apart from other natural and organic lines out there?
A. With regular use of my products your skin's immune system will stay strong and balanced.  You will fight off bacteria naturally and always have a healthy glow!  Literally from the inside out!

Q. Will these products help clear up my acne?
A.  Yes! Each and every one of my products are designed to heal acne and prevent the aging process.  The most important thing for healthy skin is BALANCE!  Everything you put into and onto your body matters!

Q. Can people with sensitive skin use this line?
A.  Absolutely!  Especially those who need to fight acne and aging yet can't use harsh AHA's and products with benzoyl peroxide. The most aggressive product in the line is our Just Add Sugar - Cocoa Herbal Infusion Masque that can be diluted with Aloe Vera Gel for more sensitive skin types.  The best products I have created for sensitive skin types are my Be Clean - Detoxifying Elixir and my Potion No.1 - Anti-Aging Serum.

Q. Can these products be used with other skin care lines and in conjunction with aggressive treatments, like chemical peels?
A.  My products work well with most other lines out there.  My Be Happy - Brightening Toner, as well a, my anti-aging serums (Potion No. 1 & Potion No. 2) accentuate any other product line you are using.  Especially after a peel from a doctor or medical spa.  
The only products I make with a contraindication to pre and post peels are my Just Add Sugar products:  masque and facial bar of soap.  These products actively fight off bacteria and can make the skin sensitive to aggressive treatments.

Q. How do I use the Be Clean - Detoxifying Elixir?  What is it for?
A.  My Be Clean - Detoxifying Elixir  was originally designed for my 6 year old son when he was having severe allergies and I was trying to go completely natural. He couldn't handle straight essential oils, so I created a formula that was safe enough for him to smell and massage onto his face, ears, scalp and feet!  Results were incredible and I began using it in my treatment room after extractions.  My clients were going crazy as their skin instantly calmed down, and it took their redness away. This was my new anti-acne solution.  Directions: After toning, (oily skin) gently press 1-2 drops into skin, (dry skin) gently press 2-4 drops into skin. Sleep with a few drops of this on each night and your skin and family will thank you!

Q. What makes the Anti-Aging Serums (Potion No.1 and Potion No.2) so special?
A.  They are 75% probiotic from lactobacillus strands of the radish root fermentation process. As well as infused with uplifting aromatherapy these serums instantly calm, tone and lift your skin.  This should be the very first thing that touches your face each morning after cleansing.  That way you're protected from the polluted environment and prevent cancer cells and radiation damage from entering the dermis! Potion No. 1 is about bringing balance to the skin.  Anyone with imperfections should be using this serum. Once the skin is healthy and balanced you can move to Potion No. 2 which is a little heavier and more anti-aging.

Q. Can I spray the Be Happy - Brightening Toner over my makeup?
A.  Yes!  And I encourage you to always mist your mineral powder with the with it after complete makeup application.  This provides an instant "setting" to your powder and helps to balance your pH.