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Meet Jenette Serrins

"Change your skin, change your life. I believe in beauty with integrity. Real results delivered without harmful ingredients, conscious skincare for sustainable, conscious living. ~ Jenette Serrins, Founder, Alchemist & Aesthetician

Jenette All Natural Skin Care™ was created by Jenette Serrins in 2012 as an extension of her thriving aesthetic practice in Los Angeles. She is a true pioneer in the green beauty world…long before it become todays trend. Jenette is a veritable alchemist and encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to botanicals that have been used for centuries as well as the potency and miraculous properties of herbs and other natural ingredients. Most importantly, she’s a virtuoso at alchemizing all of this bounty into exceptional, sophisticated and all-natural skincare solutions. She’s your global wellness and beauty guru.

Jenette’s expert holistic approach is based on over two decades of intense study and advanced level training of Eastern and Western modalities and healing arts from around the world, including Ayurveda, herbology, naturopathy, homeopathy, bodywork, yoga and more. Her holistic journey started in her early twenties when she was diagnosed with severe hormonal imbalances and found herself fed up with standard Western medical solutions such as Prozac and oral contraception. These prescriptions only made her more irritable and caused intense long-term side effects.

Deciding to take her health in her own hands, she embarked on a new path of health and well-being with the support of an acupuncturist and naturopathic doctor. Jenette also found affirmation after reading Dr. John Lee’s book “What your Doctor may not tell you about PREmenopause”. She not only regained her health and confidence but a deep respect for, and desire to work with, effective herbs, honest products, natural ingredients and mindful skincare. Her philosophy is deeply grounded in personal experience, the ritual of wellness, and self-care to promote total well-being, and the belief that nature herself provides the greatest solutions.

Through this mission, she was introduced to the world of Chinese herbs and adaptogens, and quickly became a believer in this new and different approach to overall health and well-being. The shift she felt in her own health gave her the confidence to start playing around with Chinese herbs in her treatment rooms. Treating everything from acne to chronic inflammation and aging skin, Jenette found that she was able to address most skin conditions with her homemade solutions, providing her clients with immediate healing, lifting and calming results.

The only problem with these homemade products based on a unique combination of Chinese herbs? The smell was rather intense and sent the olfactory senses screaming. So Jenette, with the assistance of her (at the time) two young children Beckett and Love, came up with a way to masque the intense odor and turn it into something quite delicious to the senses. The smell was so good that when Beckett and Love were bottling the very first batch of her masque, they both kept asking if they could taste it. Jenette said “Why not?” and so they did. The bitter taste immediately had Beckett ask, “Mama, can we just add sugar?” and Jenette replied, “Sure, just add sugar and it will taste like dessert!” After a good dose of sugar, Love asked to taste it again, and again…and the “Just Add Sugar” miracle masque was born. Needless to say, there is no actual sugar in the masque, but the name was catchy, and clients loved it.

Jenette soon found herself in her spa (Being in LA) experimenting with other natural ingredients that could effectively address her clients’ varying needs. Over the course of the past eight years, she has landed on a series of propriety blends and formulas that deliver undeniable results, successfully treating everything from aging to acne. And so it began…

Today, Jenette All Natural Skin Care™ is more than a skin care approach designed to achieve glowing, radiant, healthy skin — it’s a lifestyle of integrity and authenticity, based on the notion that everything we do affects everything else. It’s about being mindful and collectively conscious. It’s about creating a life that is sustainable. Your well-being is our ambition.


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