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12 Botanicals Recommended for Every Skin Type.

Posted by Cutter Cutshaw on
12 Botanicals Recommended for Every Skin Type.

Skin care alchemist and wellness expert Jenette Serrins shares the best botanicals that benefit everyone's skin.

I am deeply committed to helping people find and keep their perfect glow. My techniques are a culmination of years of development and testing, on myself and my clients, to ensure that I can deliver remarkable results with integrity.

I always suggest selecting the highest quality natural ingredients for your clientele. Traditional anti-acne and antiaging skin care products can contain harsh ingredients that may exacerbate skin problems in the long term. They often treat the external symptoms while ignoring the core of the issues.

Products can be formulated not only to serve a specific purpose for the skin, but to provide your clientele with a luxurious experience. I’m talking products that go more than skin deep; their aromatherapeutic value should uplift the mind and spirit, enhancing their overall experience inside and out. Whenever possible, use organic ingredients and research new technology for products that can deliver powerful results.

With that in mind, here are some of my favorite, top-performing botanical ingredients.


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