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Here’s *Exactly* What to Expect if You’re Getting a Chemical Peel

Posted by Cutter Cutshaw on
Here’s *Exactly* What to Expect if You’re Getting a Chemical Peel

Two words you never thought you would want to use in relation to your skin: ‘Chemical’ and ‘peel’. Applying chemicals to anything sounds like a school science project and the word peel just sounds painful.

But you might want to hear me out because things like brighter, smoother skin and faded wrinkles can’t be a bad thing, right? In fact, a chemical peel might be just what your skin needs.

I was certainly nervous before I had my very first peel though, and a quick glance at TikTok and Instagram tells me that plenty of others also worry about how long they’ll peel for, whether it will hurt and whether there’ll be any side effects.

That’s why I’ve asked aesthetic consultant Sarah Tucker, nurse practitionerDeidre ‘Dee’ Albanese, and skincare expert and celebrity aesthetician Jenette Serrins to lay out *exactly* what to expect from your first chemical peel so you can decide whether this slightly full on step is for you.

I also share my own experiences with chemical peels (spoiler alert: I’m generally a fan but aftercare really is key to a great result).


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