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Here’s How to Know How Often You Should You Be Using Your Retinol

Posted by Cutter Cutshaw on
Here’s How to Know How Often You Should You Be Using Your Retinol

When it comes to retinol, things can get…confusing. Why? Because despite being super beneficial for the skin (collagen boost, reduced fine lines or unclogged pores anyone?) not everyone knows how to use it. 

So how often should you use it? Well everyone’s skin is different so there is no ‘one size fits all’ with retinol. It all depends on whether you’ve used it before, how your skin reacts to it and how much you’re actually using. Hence, the confusion.

But let’s just debunk it once and for all. Celebrity aestheticians Ian Michael Crumm and Jenette Serrins, dermatologists dermatologist Dr Geeta Yadav and Dr Jody A. Levine, and plastic surgeon Dr Patrick Davis, are here with some guidelines to help you decipher the right retinol strategy for your skin. 

After all, a dermatologist or aesthetician can provide more specific instructions for your own skin type and lifestyle, rather than quickly asking Google or tapping up your favourite influencer. 

So, consider this an expert consultation (of sorts). Whether you’re a complete retinol novice or you’re slightly further down the line, this article will show you exactly how frequently you should be using it, so that it can work to its full potential – whatever your retinol status or skin type. 


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