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Jennifer Koster

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Jennifer Koster

My journey with Jenette Skin Care began ten years ago when an accidental Groupon purchase led me in for a facial with Jenette.  The depth of her knowledge about skin and well-being immediately impressed me and within moments she diagnosed my skin as sensitive, severely dehydrated and predicted things about my lifestyle – all from looking at my face.   At the time, my pores were large, my skin had blotchy dry spots and I was using all of the wrong products. After seeing her regularly for about 6 months, friends and colleagues starting to notice and commented about how great I looked and inquired about what I was doing.   

Before Jenette, my skincare routine was applying some overpriced moisturizer in the am before make-up.  I rarely cleansed and sometimes used a scrub to slough off dry skin and relied on facials every couple months for a refresh.  Through her I learned about proper skincare, how to read labels to understand WHAT I was putting on my skin and how nutrition impacts my skin.   When I finally asked what she was using on my skin, she told me she was formulating her own products – and I told her she needed to bottle it up and start selling it – then she did.  

For Jenette, skincare is not just putting something on your skin that smells or feels nice.  It is nourishing the skin with a carefully formulated combination of natural ingredients known for their healing properties that also smell and feel nice.   I have tried dozens of products and experienced that most don’t work, don’t smell nice, don’t have a good texture, and I have never found a whole line where I liked every product – until Jenette Skincare.

Today, my skincare routine consists of a morning and night routine using her method of layering for the best absorption and most effective results.  I have the entire line of products and use them daily, both evening and night and my skin looks better than ever.

~ Jennifer Koster

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