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Compassionate Skincare for Cancer Warriors: A Holistic Approach to Pre & Post-Cancer Care and Prevention

Posted by Jenette Serrins and Sylvie Greil on
Compassionate Skincare for Cancer Warriors: A Holistic Approach to Pre & Post-Cancer Care and Prevention

Cancer treatments bring about immense challenges, subjecting our bodies to unprecedented stress and transformations. Amidst this journey, our skin embarks on a unique adventure, facing issues such as dehydration, dullness, crepey skin and increased sensitivity. Whether you stand at the brink of cancer therapy, tread the path to recovery, or seek effective preventative care, this blog explores the profound impact a mindful skincare routine can have on your skin and overall well-being.

Treat your skincare routine as a tender daily ritual, a testament to self-love and recovery. For those fighting cancer, rest is paramount for healing and combating stress and potential toxins. Their primary job is to battle cancer cells, and once strength is regained, gentle facials and massages can become feasible again. However, harsh ingredients and acids should still be avoided for an extended period, possibly up to a year post-treatment.

Your skin deserves the tender embrace of nourishment during this transformative journey. Doctors advise cancer patients to abstain from harsh products laden with chemicals during chemotherapy or radiation. Facials, extreme heat, and massages are also temporarily off-limits due to the skin's heightened sensitivity. Even beauty products, diet, and exercise must be approached with caution. 

Enter Jenette All Natural Skin Care — a high-vibrational, all-natural sanctuary, free from harmful substances such as chemicals, fillers, sulfates, parabens, alcohols, gluten, soy, or any animal byproducts.


Pre-Cancer Skincare


Gentle Cleansing

Initiate with a mild, fragrance-free, and gentle cleanser like our Green Tea - Superfood Facial Bar to maintain a clean complexion. A small amount daily goes a long way.


Hydration is Key

At this point, your skin can be brittle and crepey. Keep it well-hydrated with suitable moisturizers. We recommend our nutrient-rich Serenity for those prone to breakouts, and our healing Be Nourished for everyone else.


Sun Protection

Prioritize sun protection with a broad-spectrum SPF. Many cancer treatments can increase sensitivity to sunlight, making sun protection a crucial step in your skincare routine. Use only non-chemical, zinc-based physical sunscreen such as Epicuren's Zinc Oxide Perfecting Sunscreen SPF 27. Acting as a lightweight moisturizer, it calms and protects the skin from UV rays in a very gentle way. Jane Iredale's Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder SPF 20/15 is also fantastic for keeping your skin protected from outdoor exposure and toxins. Along with Suntegrity’s line of sunscreen.


 * Please Note: Always consult your medical team before introducing new products to address specific concerns related to your treatment plan.



Post-Cancer Skincare


Soothe Irritated Skin

Choose only gentle, fragrance-free products with aloe vera or chamomile, such as Be Calm – Brightening C Serum, one of our most anti-inflammatory and healing products. It fights against the natural oxidation of skin tissue, counteracting free radical damage from the sun and the environment. 


Rebuild the Skin Barrier

Focus on rebuilding the skin barrier with a barrier repair cream. This helps restore and strengthen the protective layer of your skin, often compromised during cancer treatments. Transform - Niacin Serum, with a base of sea kelp, acts as a natural probiotic and cooling agent that prevents damage from taking a toll on the dermis. It’s also infused with nourishing extracts such as calendula and carrot seed.

Be Nourished, fortified with the magical power of snow mushrooms, shea and sunflower phospholipids, provides the ultimate protection. Rich and velvety in texture, it locks in moisture and protects from over-exposure to heat, cold, wind and high altitudes. Honestly, this miracle moisturizer is your ultimate SKIN SAVIOR for any of your dry, dull skin concerns! Finally, our Be Divine – Age Defying Toner instantly calms and hydrates the skin, helping to trap moisture into the dermis for a healthy glow, uplifting your skin and your spirits.


Combat Dryness

Many cancer therapies can lead to dry skin. Use a rich, hydrating cream to combat dryness and prevent flakiness. Look for products with shea butter and/or heavy oils that lock in moisture — such as Be Nourished, and Divine Balance. Last but not least, our Magic Matcha Green Tea Superfood Masque is an exceptionally reparative weekly treatment designed for individuals navigating sensitivities and in need of gentle healing.


Scar Care

If surgery is part of your cancer journey, proper scar care is essential. Silicone-based gels or sheets can aid in minimizing scars, and your dermatologist can guide you on the best approach. We recommend Be Calm – Brightening C SerumBe Nourished, and Be Divine as your saviors for any sensitivities, damaged cells, and those who are dull, dehydrated, lack moisture and need repair on any level. This trio can also prevent future damage and repair daily on a cellular level in a very gentle and safe manner.



Some cancer treatments may lead to hyperpigmentation. Incorporate products with ingredients like vitamin C and Superfoods to help even out skin tone, reduce discoloration, and brighten your complexion. All of the above products can heal old damage and prevent new.  Be Calm – Brightening C Serum is safe, as it boasts a medical-grade soluble vitamin C that slowly moves into the dermis. This unique formula helps to heal damaged cells and promotes more collagen production.


Practice Patience

Gradually reintroduce products into your routine, giving your skin time to adjust. Be patient and attentive to how your skin responds, and don't hesitate to seek professional advice if needed. 



The Takeaway

Skincare for pre- and post-cancer patients is about promoting comfort, maintaining skin health, and addressing specific concerns that may arise during and after treatments. A well-thought-out, gentle, safe, plant-based, and high-vibrational skincare routine, combined with guidance from your medical team, can contribute to a positive and nurturing experience on your journey toward recovery.


* PS: Please be aware that this blog is provided for educational and informational purposes only and does not provide medical advice.


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