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Find the Perfect Moisturizer for Your Skin Here!

Posted by Sylvie Greil on
Find the Perfect Moisturizer for Your Skin Here!

We had a master plan to create the ideal moisturizer of moisturizers! And after experimenting in her lab for a couple of years, our founder and resident skincare guru, Jenette, has achieved the feat with our newest creation: Serenity - Brightening Moisturizer!

We are super excited about our latest creation because it truly works for all skin types and all ages. We played around with names for our new superstar of a lightweight moisturizer and we kept coming back to the word “Serenity,” because this product truly allows your skin to soak up the serenity it needs.

Find out how to pick the right moisturizer for your specific skin type issues and get the skinny on what makes Serenity - Brightening Moisturizer so irresistible and potent!


A Look at Skin Types 

Everyone’s skin is unique and goes through changes based on internal and external factors. Yet we can still group it into basic types: Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination, and Sensitive.

Normal skin is balanced, hydrated, and smooth, with small pores — it is the healthy, glowing skin we all desire!

Dry skin is dehydrated and parched, sometimes flaky, tight, or rough, and often easily irritated.

Oily skin is shiny with a greasy-feeling surface caused by too much sebum. It is prone to acne and breakouts and often features larger pores that can easily get clogged. 

Combination skin is a mix, dry in some areas and sometimes breaking out in others.

Sensitive skin is easily irritated, especially from topical products or even the weather, food you eat, or your mood. It can frequently get inflamed and overreact.

We’re pretty sure you know exactly what kind of skin you are faced with, but here’s a little test: In the morning and mid-day, check your skin: Is it greasy and oily? Then you are probably Oily or Combo. Or does it feel dry and tight? Then you are dehydrated and/or Sensitive. Voilà, now you know! Of course, the goal is balanced skin, which the right at home skin ritual will give you.


What Type of Moisturizer Do You Need?

Serenity works for all skin types and all ages. It is lightweight and truly allows your skin to breathe. It works for hormonal and pubertal skin, people dealing with acne, and anyone dealing with excessive oil. How is that even possible, you ask? It’s all in the ingredients! Serenity packs nutrients that will leave your skin clean, clear, calm, and luxuriously hydrated — without ever clogging your pores. 

At the same time, it is anti-aging and prevents the loss of elasticity. It contains aloe, which is super anti-inflammatory, and evening primrose oil, which is great for softening and hydrating but also rebalancing your hormones and helping with acne.  

Serenity features PEPHA®-TIGHT, a unique ingredient derived from polysaccharide microalgae that magnificently locks in moisture. Plus Pullulan extract maximizes its anti-acne and anti-fungal powers. Not to mention, it smells incredible, courtesy of sandalwood essential oil! It is the perfect pendant for our Be Nourished – Age Defying Moisturizer, which works quite differently.

In contrast to Serenity, Be Nourished is occlusive, which is superb for trapping in moisture for parched skin. Occlusives form a protective layer on the skin's surface to create a barrier to prevent moisture loss. This makes Be Nourished ideal for the colder months when the air gets dry from running the heater or for people living in climates with arid air or high altitudes.

When traveling and flying we usually need more occlusive type moisturizers. (When we escape to Joshua Tree or Mexico for a little retreat, we always need more moisturizing power!)


Read Your Product Labels!

When we created Serenity — and this is true for all our products — we were thinking about all the cult moisturizers people swear by. We won't name any names, but please check their labels. Some of the most revered moisturizers in the beauty industry use animal remnants, soy products, and parabens as emulsifiers and binders.

Jenette All Natural Skin Care is 100 percent committed to being all-natural, free from harmful ingredients, and offering products that repair and heal on a profound cellular level. 

If you are not sure where you land in terms of what your skin needs, we recommend erring on the side of caution and going with Serenity. Also, we offer complimentary skin consults via our flagship spa, Being in LA. Allow us to carefully analyze your skin and curate a unique regimen for you!

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