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Here’s Exactly Why Jenette’s Be Clean Elixir & Be Clean Toner are Household Must Haves

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
Here’s Exactly Why Jenette’s Be Clean Elixir & Be Clean Toner are Household Must Haves

We received a number of questions about the benefits of Be Clean Toner and our Be Clean Elixir from our recent ads and posts and wanted to provide some clarity. Our line of products has been specifically formulated using a combination of naturally anti-viral, anti-bacterial and immune boosting ingredients including basil, clove, peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary. In a normal every day environment, our objective with the Be Clean products (and our entire line) is to aid people with common skin concerns caused by bacteria. In today’s environment, we all need to take every pre-caution we can to protect ourselves and prevent transmission of this increasingly deadly virus. We DO NOT claim that our products cure any disease or Covid-19. Your skin is your first line of defense – so along with sanitizing, washing hands regularly, staying properly hydrated and maintaining social distancing, it cannot hurt to use products on your skin that possess anti-viral and immune boosting qualities. TO LEARN MORE HERE'S ONE SOURCE YOU CAN CHECK OUT:

With the gazillion skincare products out there, it can be hard to stick to a trusted and true routine.  But as we know, committing to a trusted routine is especially important if you are looking to live sustainably, reduce your carbon footprint ànd have great skin. What you want are sustainable and versatile products that can perform more than one task.

In come our Be Clean Detoxifying Elixir and Be Clean Detoxifying Toner.  Jenette created these products in the early days of Jenette Skin Care and for good reason, their versatility makes them true household staples. Be Clean Detoxifying Elixir instantly calms and kills bacteria, in the most effective, yet gentle way.  It soothes and calms the skin while at the same time ridding it of pesky bacteria.

Here’s what you can do with Be Clean Detoxifying Elixir; this anti-bacterial recovery serum detoxifies and soothes at the same time.  This elixir is suitable for children 2 years and up.

Oil cleanser – apply in the evening to loosen up any make up and environmental grime, take 2-3 drops and work it into your skin with your fingertips, rinse and follow with your second cleanser, such as our Green Tea Super Food soap bar.

Glow drops – add 1-2 drops to your favorite foundation or moisturizer for a dewy complexion.

Anti-bacterial mix agent – if you are prone to breakouts or acne, add 2-3 drops to your nighttime moisturizer and turn it into an anti-bacterial super cream.  For oily/acneic skin types we recommend a few drops of be clean elixir into aloe vera gel a few times a week. 

Colds/allergy buster – Feeling stressed, under the weather or struggling with seasonal allergies? Take a few drops and press them around your nose and ear area, a few drops of this oil will soothe and clear you up quickly!  If you or your child is congested you can always massage 1-2 drops onto chest, ears or feet for relief.

Here’s what you can do with Be Clean Detoxifying Toner; this anti-bacterial toner clears breakouts and acne fast!  It detoxifies and balances your skin instantly.  Daily use can prevent acne and congestion, while helping to improve your immune system.

Toner – Shake well and mist onto reusable pad and wipe face, neck, and décolleté after cleansing. Best followed with your favorite Jenette serum and moisturizer. 

Cleaning spray - Mist anytime on anything that needs to “be clean”.  Spray and wipe items such as sunglasses, phones, hands and even your body.  

Hat cleaner – ultimate preventative for acne around your hairline or forehead.  Spritz the inside of your hat before wearing and prevent any bacteria from building up in your hat or on your forehead!

Breakout treatment – shake well and mist onto reusable pad and press into breakout area for 60 seconds. Follow with a drop of Be Clean Elixir. This is a magic concoction that can truly heal a zit!

Full ingredient list Be Clean Detoxifying Elixir: Organic Cold Pressed Grape Seed Oil, Organic Basil Extract, Organic Eucalyptus Lemon Extract, Organic Rosemary Extract, Organic Peppermint Extract

Full ingredient list Be Clean Detoxifying Toner: Distilled Water, Organic Medicated Witch Hazel Blend (organic witch hazel, cold pressed aloe vera gel {aloe vera inner leaf, potassium sorbate, ascorbic acid, citric acid, xanthan gum}, glycerin, grapefruit seed extract, camphor, organic clove, calendula), Leucidial® Liquid (radish root ferment), Organic Basil EO, Organic Peppermint EO, Organic Clove EO


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