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What Sets Us Apart From Other Clean Skincare Brands?

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
What Sets Us Apart From Other Clean Skincare Brands?

Our brand is built on earth-first sustainable foundations, it’s our rallying cry, our institution and what we define as the backbone of truly clean beauty. We see ourselves as sustainable living leaders and are committed to inspiring everyone around us to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

What else sets us apart from other clean skincare brands? 

In short, our ingredients and proprietary formulas. What you won’t find in our products are any ingredients that could act as an endocrine disrupter or bio plastics. Bio plastics sound good in theory but in practice they often end up with other plastics in our landfills and ultimately our oceans. They can corrupt both plastic recycling as well as the composting process for organic material.

Let's take a closer look at our truly clean and innovative ingredients:

Proprietary blends - Herbs

Our founder and lead alchemist Jenette has spent the better part of the last two decades formulating our lineup of products, starting with the Just Add Sugar – Cacao Herbal Infused Masque.

This masque is dubbed a ‘miracle in a jar’ by many of our clients and its star power comes from the proprietary blend of Chinese and Korean herbs. This blend was carefully crafted by Jenette and acts as a true skin rejuvenator, removing anything that doesn’t serve your dermis while keeping intact healthy bacteria that create a protective biome. There are 8 different herbs included in this blend and it took several years for Jenette to reach this level of efficacy and stabilize the ingredients without any added chemicals.

This blend aids circulation and blood flow, acts as Vitamin C and has immune boosting powers. It tones, diminishes pores and prevents bacteria from building up. Long term use prevents your skin from aging.

Both of our cleansing soaps, the Just Add Sugar Cacao Herbal Infusion Soap Bar and the Green Tea Superfood Facial Bar are powered by variations of the same Chinese and Korean herb blend.

Proprietary blends - Witch Hazel

In the last 24 months Jenette has been working on our very own witch hazel infusions, she has created 4 different ones to date, and they are now used in all our toners and potion serums. These customized and healing witch hazel infusions are able to treat all skin types more efficiently and effectively.


Probiotics are trending and for good reason, many wellness brands are embracing the power of these healthy bacteria that can protect us from the outside in as well as inside out. Our products are preserved by a Leucidal Liquid. This ingredient really sets our brand apart and is created through a fermentation process of radish root. This ingredient not only preserves our products but acts as a potent and efficient ingredient in anti-aging. Furthermore, research shows that the Leucidial Liquid can prevent cancer cells and radiation damage from entering the dermis.  Probiotics will keep your skin healthy and alive and fight acne in a very effective yet mild manner. They truly give you that glow you are after!

Cold pressed oils

Cold pressed oils form the backbone of many of our best-selling products, such as our Be Clean Detoxifying Elixir and our Be Calm Brightening C Serum.  We prefer them over any other kind of accent oil because they have not been tampered with and they are used in their raw, most healing form. These cold pressed oils include, pomegranate seed, carrot seed, grape seed, rosehip seed and aloe vera.

Cold pressed oils are obtained through pressing the fruit or seed through a steel press. Cold pressed oils retain all their aroma and nutritional value making these oils great for skin care requirements. They truly keep all of the necessary omega fatty acids that we want and need for healthy, radiant skin!

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