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How To Find The Right Aesthetician and Facial Treatments for Your Lifestyle and Skin Type

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
How To Find The Right Aesthetician and Facial Treatments for Your Lifestyle and Skin Type

Whether you are planning to visit an aesthetician for relaxation or a result oriented treatment (intensive treatment against acne or anti-aging), finding the right aesthetician for your lifestyle and skin type is very important.

Start by getting clear on your expectations and motivation for visiting an aesthetician. Map your expectations and motivation before you start looking for the right practitioner for you. Then if you don’t have a solid referral from someone you trust, make sure to set up a quick phone consult with a spa or clinic you’re interested in.  This should help guide you in making the right decision that aligns with your goals.

Questions you need to ask yourself are:

Do I know what my skin type is?  When is the last time you had this confirmed by an aesthetician?  Your skin type changes not only with age but also by your work environment, travel, if you are pregnant or have recently been pregnant or if you are under a lot of stress.  We will go into more detail about skin types and what can influence them below.

How does my lifestyle influence my skin type and need for professional treatments?  Are you out in the sun regularly, do you perspire frequently due to exercise? Do you work in air conditioned and or dry offices?  How much do you travel?  How is your diet and daily water intake?  All of these factors will not only influence your skin type but also your need for treatments and at home skin care rituals.

Once you have established your skin type and your lifestyle influences, you’ll need to figure out what your goals are. Are you looking to get specific treatments to combat acne or are you interested in brightening and nourishing your skin and getting on a more preventative program? With so many treatment and skin care options to choose from it’s good to give this some thought and then discuss with your aesthetician or the spa manager. A great spa manager will know which aesthetician is specialized in specific treatments or skin types and can help match you with the right aesthetician.

What skin types are there?

When categorizing into skin types, a distinction is usually made according to the amount of oil and moisture present in the skin. You will then receive the following classification:

Normal skin

Someone with normal skin has small pores and an even complexion. No shiny nose and chin or chapped cheeks. The moisture and oil balance are optimal.

Oily skin

Pores are larger, and the skin has an oily shine because too much sebum is being produced. Someone with this skin type often suffers from breakouts and blackheads. Contrary to what you would expect, this skin type can also be low in moisture.

Dry skin

Dry skin has a very fine structure and feels tight and dry after washing. Dry skin looks ‘aged’ rather than oily. The skin will flake during periods of extreme dryness.

Combination skin

Combination skin consists of two skin types. The cheeks are dry, while the nose, chin and forehead (the T-zone) are oily. Your skin produces too much sebum in those areas and therefore looks shiny.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin reacts more strongly to irritating influences than normal skin. Bright sun, cold, air pollution, cleaning agents and stress can play a role in this. The skin reacts with itching, red spots, a burning sensation or flakes. Sensitive skin is almost always dry, but other skin types can sometimes be sensitive.

Most people suffer from dry rather than oily skin, especially after puberty. Important causes are central heating and air conditioning that extract a lot of moisture from our skin. The sun also has a strong drying effect.  So you see, taking into account not only your age, perceived skin type, as well the environment in which you find yourself is extremely important.  This is all subject to change throughout the year especially during seasonal shifts, high stress and travel.  This is when an experienced aesthetician comes into play beautifully, as they help guide you on a path during these changes with specific skin treatments and at home routines.

In order to keep your skin healthy and beautiful you’ll need to embrace a skincare ritual as well as treatment schedule that works for your specific skin type.

You’ve found a great aesthetician, now what?

At the start of your treatment your aesthetician will ask you a few questions about your skin, she will do a quick scan of your skin and talk through your goals both for the treatment you’ve booked that day but also for your longer-term treatment plan. Finding the right person to work with is essential and should create a relationship of trust.  Ideally, we’d want you to express your goals but be open and feel comfortable enough for your aesthetician to make suggestions on the treatment and products you may need in that moment 

Whether you're new to taking care of your skin or have been doing it for years, we have the perfect skin ritual for you!  With our extensive research and hands on experience for nearly 20 years, we are able to match your skin type to the best choice of treatments and products. Following the suggested treatment schedule and skin type ritual and using Jenette skin care will allow you to achieve Incredible result

We hope this helps you in finding the right aesthetician for your skin type, you’ll see amazing results when you put more knowledge and intent behind your choices.

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