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How To Keep that Holiday Glow!

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
How To Keep that Holiday Glow!

Keeping your skin healthy and glowing can become more challenging, especially during the colder Holiday and New Year temperatures, add in holiday stress and travel and you now have to pay extra close attention to your skincare ritual.

The good news is, our epidermis completely regenerates each week without you noticing anything, yet being affected by all sorts of things from the outside; harsh weather conditions, wind, temperature, and heightened travel during seasonal changes.

Creating a new and improved skincare ritual during this seasonal shift will allow you to achieve and keep your holiday glow! With the help of our travel friendly guidance and skincare products, you will look and feel your best during the holidays:  

Let’s look at a few steps to take in order to achieve your holiday glow: 

  1. Analyze your skin: It’s cold and windy outside, and you may notice that your skin changes. Some people with oily skin will notice that their skin is a bit drier, creating a more ‘normal’ skin type, and people with normal skin will notice that their skin feels dry. Keep an eye on your skin when the weather gets colder and see if it is necessary to adjust your skin care ritual. If you are unsure, consult our skin type pages for skin specific advice and products. 
  1. Scrub your skin 1-2 times a week to maintain ultimate balance! Regularly exfoliated skin (with a gentle scrub or exfoliant) has better blood flow and absorbs ingredients much more efficiently. Check out our limited edition Be Renewed Volcanic Scrub. This scrub gently exfoliates, detoxes, hydrates, and renews your skin and is made with pure Icelandic volcanic ash. 
  1. Add a layer, in the summer you might only use a serum followed by sun protection, but now it is worthwhile to go the extra mile for your skin. Fall/winter is the ideal season to add an extra layer to your skincare ritual. Choose a rich but non clogging moisturizer like our Be Nourished Moisturizer, this rich but non clogging cream will balance and restore your moisture balance; diminish fine lines and wrinkles, brighten, repair connective tissue damage and improve suppleness. 
  1. Use a mist throughout the day!  Many of our clients and customers love to travel with our Be Divine Age Defying Toner during the winter months. This antioxidant rich mist, enhanced with omega fatty acids can be used throughout the day to provide ultimate hydration as well as anti-aging properties. 
  1. Sunblock is still a must! Whether you expect a clear winter day or a gray one, your skin still needs protection from U.V. rays in the fall/winter.  Please make sure to wear a clean, healthy sunscreen with zinc. 
  1. Water, water and more water, around this time, it seems as if your whole body has dried out. The solution for this is very simple: drink water. Drinking two liters of water a day changes the texture of your skin. Without enough water your skin will look duller and your wrinkles and pores will be more prominent. Drinking enough water ensures beautiful healthy skin, especially if you are traveling by air. Take a reusable water bottle and ask the cabin personal to fill it for you, they are happy to. 

Keep in mind that water is also essential for the air in the house. Use a humidifier in the room you sleep in.  This is to prevent your skin from drying out. Create a more soothing atmosphere by adding a few drops of an essential oil to the water.

Paying close attention to your skincare needs during the winter months and season changes will help you keep your skin and spirits at their best!

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