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Step Up Your Green Game with Small Steps Towards Living More Sustainably

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Step Up Your Green Game with Small Steps Towards Living More Sustainably


We are gifted with life on this incredible planet, our wonderful Mother Earth. Yet as we go about our busy days, we often forget that we need to take care of her! It is so easy to get distracted. Sometimes we leave our reusable bags at home or request a straw for our iced latte. Sustainability is very close to our hearts at Jenette Skin Care. An Earth-first approach is the foundation of everything we do. We believe that being more mindful of our lifestyle habits in small ways amounts to substantial changes. Our natural resources are dwindling; our air, water, and soil are polluted, and plastic is everywhere. We say enough is enough. We have rounded up some of the steps we take to practice sustainability. Hopefully, they will inspire you to think about how much waste you are willing to put out into the world. And really, a sustainable life is just a life lived more mindfully. 


Life with Plastic is Not Fantastic

There are hundreds of miles of landfills and plastic islands all over our precious planet. Have you seen those videos of plastic gyres in our oceans? Let’s all stop. It has been ages since we bought a plastic water bottle. Instead, we bring a large stainless steel jug with enough water for the day, and when we run out, we replenish at water refill and hydration stations. (Most coffee houses, which are everywhere these days, will allow you to refill your reusable water bottle for free.)

Early in the pandemic, as we were social distancing at home, we stopped going to coffee shops and brewed homemade tea and coffee. But individual tea bags do not recycle. We try to eliminate as much packaging as possible, so we buy loose leaf tea. Avoid pre-packaged foods. Purchase your fruits and veggies at the farmers' market to avoid plastic packaging and bring a cute wicker basket or reusable shopping bag instead.

Grabbing a latte to go is still a treat. However, we carry a cup and a stainless steel drinking straw. You can bring a reusable container or beeswax wrap for that muffin you are craving. Eliminate single-use plastic utensils! Get a cute bamboo Spork that fits in your fanny pack. Keep these supplies in the car with reusable canvas grocery bags and baskets.


Sustainable Rituals You Will Love

We love to soak in a hot Epsom salt bath after a long day. We get 40-50-pound tubs in bulk and keep mason glass jars filled in the bathroom for what we need for the month. We save about $250 a year by buying it in large quantities! You can also take your mason jars to Sustain LA or any of the refill, zero-waste markets popping up all over the place like re_ grocery in Highland Park. (They will refill dish soap, hand soap, detergent, dishwasher soap, and more.)

We love candles and incense for setting a meditative mood. The problem is that many candles are carcinogenic. We opt for candles made from coconut or beeswax in reusable glass containers — or votives. For incense, we adore traditional Nag Champa sticks, which take us back to our first yoga classes eons ago. But you can get plant-based alternatives infused with aromatherapeutic essential oils and purifying charcoal…or just use a simple sage or cinnamon stick to burn.

We purchase toothpaste in bulk or use vegan, cruelty-free tooth powder in glass jars or Chewtabs, which are gentle on the planet but clean your pearly whites flawlessly. Our dental floss is made from 100% biodegradable silk or zero waste, plastic-free beeswax. Mouthwash is surprisingly easy to make yourself. Toss a handful of fresh sage into boiling water, steep overnight, and strain into a glass jar. This refreshing brew is antiseptic and acts as an antibiotic lasting  up to two weeks!  (EXTRA TIP: You can spray our Be Clean Detoxing Toner directly into your month for a quick refresh and immune boost! No joke!) We ditched our bottled shampoo for Davines solid shampoo bars, which turn into a mildly creamy foam. We keep it in a protective, eco-friendly aluminum container case that can last a lifetime.

Switching to non-frothy shampoo, body wash, and toothpaste can be challenging at first. Do you remember those Crest TV commercials that conditioned us to think that we need loads of products to get clean so we didn’t feel fresh unless we worked everything into a crazy lather? The latter strips and robs your skin of important bacteria and disturbs the micro-biome balance inside your mouth, along with the enamel. Toothpaste containers litter our landfills and natural habitats… dental floss containers can circle the Earth five times. Think about how much waste you want to accumulate! Yikes!

Instead of throwaway cotton pads and puffs, we reach for Marley’s Monsters Facial Rounds, made from 100% cotton flannel. Marley’s Monsters also make UNpaper Towels. They are washable, reusable, and the perfect replacement for disposables in your kitchen. 

Then, there is sunscreen. It does not recycle, and its chemicals threaten coral reefs and other marine life. Fish, marine mammals, turtles, and sea birds, often get entangled in or swallow plastic debris, which causes suffocation and drowning. In the North Pacific alone, fish ingest 12,000-24,000 tons of plastic yearly. To counter these devastating effects, we opt for cruelty-free, all natural, reef-safe zinc sunscreen like Suntegrity’s Mineral Sports Sun Stick.


Shop Smart

Organic and local produce is not just tastier and richer in nutrients; it also reduces long carbon-intensive supply chains. Moreover, it comes from regenerative farming practices which heal the soil and benefit the environment. Try to cut your seafood and meat consumption. Milk cartons can be recycled with the lid in the city of LA. Wine corks, coffee grinds and non-nylon tea bags can all go in the green bin. Be sure to check out the recycling and composting rules where you live! 

When shopping, choose reusable, biodegradable, washable, refillable, and compostable products. There are so many earth-conscious choices we can make. Use stylish glass or clay containers for storing food in the fridge and cereal on the shelf…. these containers last forever!

Conserve H20 whenever possible. Catch water in a bucket while showering and use it to water your plants. Turn off the tap while shaving your legs and brushing your teeth. Only run the dishwasher and washing machine when they are completely full.

Budget permitting, elevate your green game by investing in energy-efficient appliances like water-saving shower heads, low-flow or dual-flush toilets, Tushy brand bidet, solar panels, and an electric car. Install a rain barrel and rain sensors on irrigation systems.


Slow Down, Be More Mindful, and Plan Ahead!

We sometimes forget our grocery bags at home and pop into Starbucks for an iced chai. We order takeout. We trip up and fail. We forget because we are so busy and distracted by life’s endless demands. Everyone should take a step back and slow down a bit. PLANNING AHEAD IS KEY TO LIVING A SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE!

The first step towards a greener lifestyle is to change your mindset from "consume first" to a more self-aware and deliberate approach. It is also so important to plan. You can design a healthy meal plan for the entire week and family. Cut up fruit and veggies, grab a few nuts, and make snacks in mason jars or small to-go containers.

You take shortcuts when you rush out the door and dash in a frenzy from appointment to appointment. Being more present allows you to carve out the necessary time to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Planning is crucial for a smaller carbon footprint. We can do this!


More Resources to Save the Planet’s Resources!

Explore our Sustainable Living section and Check List. We have compiled lots of actionable tips. We have so much power in the choices we make every single day. We would love to hear from you! What are the sustainable habits and routines you have incorporated into your life? Let us know!


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