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The Definitive Dos and Don’ts of Laser Hair Removal!

Posted by Sylvie Greil on
The Definitive Dos and Don’ts of Laser Hair Removal!

Summer is sexy and sultry, beckoning us to flaunt our smooth, velvety, bare skin. But if you’re considering laser hair removal, here’s a stern warning. Now is not prime time. Sorry to put a crimp in your baring-it-all plans, beauties. But an even bigger crimp — and beauty faux pas — would be dealing with the unpleasant consequences of hyperpigmentation, potential burns, and the bummer of staying out of the sun and heat right in the swing of beach escape and poolside cocktail season! We strongly advise planning this treatment for fall or winter. To properly arm you with all the savvy know-how for when the right time does come, we have rounded up some of the biggest do’s and don’ts of laser hair removal. After all, we take the health of your skin very seriously!


  1. Do Your Research! We cannot emphasize this enough. Do your research and find a reputable location that offers a thorough consultation to determine if you’re a good candidate. Sure, those enticing Instagram ads with can’t-resist offers are very tempting. We know! But do the legwork and ask friends and acquaintances or your dermatologist for recommendations of places they have experienced and trust. And if that option is not available to you, take the time to investigate yourself.


  1. Prep Your Skin. Don’t use topicals with active ingredients such as retinol, Retin-A, and AHAs a week before and a week after your treatment. These sun-sensitive products will make you more sensitive to the laser and can cause irritation, redness and possible burns!


  1. Make Sure Your Skin Is Healthy. Your skin should be balanced and healthy from a careful, dedicated, and thorough regimen. This is when treatments work best and aren’t likely to do any damage. Compromised skin is not an ideal canvas!


  1. Eschew Heat. Never get heated up for 72 hours after a laser treatment. So, please avoid being out in the heat day of and do not indulge in hot baths, searing showers, and saunas after any laser sessions.


  1. Duck the Sun! Stay out of the sun and direct light for 4 weeks after your hair removal appointment and before your treatment! And by all means, do not tan! Tanning increases your risk of hyperpigmentation and even burns because the light from the laser zap will sizzle the pigment (melanin) in your skin.


  1. Say “So Long” to Scents! Do not apply perfumed products (even body lotion) for 24 to 48 hours after your session. Steer clear of deodorant if the hair treatment targeted the underarm area. Fragrances can cause redness, irritation, and discoloration.


  1. Be Gentle. The appearance of some redness and little bumps is normal. Resist the impulse to pick, scratch or tweeze that area. Treat it gently and use a gentler cleanser. You can also apply cool compresses or a soft washcloth with cool water.


  1. And of course always apply a reef-safe sunscreen with zinc on any area that has been exfoliated or had any form of hair removal.


Thank you for taking impeccable care of your skin!

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