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Planet Friendly Feminine Hygiene Products

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
Planet Friendly Feminine Hygiene Products

There are few things we care more about than living a sustainable lifestyle and female empowerment.  Our vision is to empower you with knowledge about plant powered, non-toxic skincare and offer safer, healthier alternatives for your body. As we move into the ‘month of love’ we are taking a closer look at female centered products that care about our today ànd our tomorrow. 

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite eco-friendly and cost saving alternatives:

Now is the time to start making changes.

Reusable menstrual cups

A menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene product that is inserted into the vagina during menstruation. Like anything new, menstrual cups may take some getting used to as the experience of wearing one is totally different than the sensation of tampons.  We’ve honed in on two companies, one is DivaCup and the other is Saalt Cup. Saalt was voted ‘Best New Cup of 2018’ by the Put A Cup In It community; either one of these can be a great alternative if you want to move away from tampons or pads.

If you would like to learn more about the reusable menstrual community for yourself or your daughter we are happy to refer you to The Flow World, whose mission it is to provide information about reusables, as they are “kind to your body and light on your wallet.”

Sustainable alternatives to traditional feminine hygiene products

Traditional tampons contain a bunch of nasty ingredients like styrene, chloromethane, acetone and chloretane. Our reproductive organs are highly permeable and if you are interested in natural skincare and healthy food choices, using non-bleached, organic and safe menstrual products should be your next step.

In comes Rael, they offer, tampons, liners and pads all chemical and chlorine free. Not only are Rael pads and liners made with 100% certified organic cotton, they’re comfortable—and they work. 

Another great and sustainable option is Natracare. Organic and natural personal care products.

Made with soft certified organic cotton, they are totally chlorine and plastic free as well as biodegradable.

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