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The Ultimate Guide to Clear, Glowing Skin for Teens

Posted by Jenette Serrins and Sylvie Greil on
The Ultimate Guide to Clear, Glowing Skin for Teens

Navigating the teen years without encountering skincare issues can be a challenge. But fear not! With a little guidance and a consistent skincare regimen, teens can prevent acne, blemishes, and scarring and be set up for you said clean, clear skin today and for their future.

In this post, we'll walk you through a teen-friendly skincare routine that fights acne, banishes bumps, and leaves your budding beauties with covet-worthy skin. Get ready to teach them how to rock their best face ever with our tips for healthy skin for your teen. 


Start Them Early

Just like brushing teeth and applying sunscreen, introducing a skincare routine at a young age is crucial. Don't wait for those pesky hormones to wreak havoc and cause breakouts! By starting early, taking care of your face becomes second nature. Keep it simple and watch your skin thrive!


The Importance of Gentle Cleansing

Cleansing is the foundation of any skincare routine! Choose a gentle but effective cleanser that doesn’t dry out your skin. Our Just Add Sugar Soap Bar smells delicious and keeps skin clean without harsh chemicals.


Nurturing with Natural Ingredients

After cleansing, nourish your skin with healing ingredients. Be Clean - Detoxifying Elixir is our most popular product for teenage problem skin. This amazing serum balances problem skin without clogging pores, soothes redness, and minimizes blemishes. Your face will thank you!


Treat Breakouts with a Chocolate Smoothie Masque

Fight acne with our secret weapon, Just Add Sugar - Cacao Herbal Infusion Masque — it multitasks while you floss and brush your teeth. Use it 2-3 times a week to tackle bacteria, calm inflammation, and reveal your freshest complexion. It's like a chocolate smoothie for your face. Yum!


Say No to Chemical Warfare

Avoid harsh chemicals like Accutane, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid. They can cause dryness, redness, and even more problems and side effects while potentially worsening the condition. Go natural for better, long-term results. Our all-natural products are meticulously researched and extensively tested. We recommend getting off the toxic ingredients and start with one of Jenette’s Acne Kits. Skip the questionable chemicals!


Stop Touching Your Face

Keep your hands off your face to prevent transferring dirt, bacteria, and oils that can worsen acne. It's a simple trick that works wonders!


Don’t Pop!

Resist the urge to pop or squeeze pimples. This can lead to scarring, infection, and longer healing time. Most of the time when we pick or squeeze a zit, the bacteria spreads and we wake up with a few more breakouts and bumps! UGH!! Let them be and they'll disappear faster. Can’t resist? Read our blog on how to resist picking!


Makeup Matters

If you love makeup, opt for clean, all-natural products, and don't share them with your friends. We love Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics. They won't clog your pores or cause redness and oily skin. The zinc in here will actually help to heal any irritations, redness or breakouts. Remove makeup before bed to let your skin breathe.


Hair Care

Keep hair products away from your face to avoid transferring bacteria and oil. Change your pillowcases frequently to keep away nasty bacteria. Simple steps for clearer skin!


Clean Your Smartphone

Clean everyday objects like your phone, hats, glasses, and sunglasses with our Be Clean – Detoxifying Toner. These objects collect bacteria that can transfer to your skin. Stay fresh!


Apply Sunscreen Daily

Protect your skin from the sun's harmful effects with a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 20 every day. Acne-prone skin can be especially prone to sun damage! Get the low-down in our Sunscreen Guide!


Minimize Junk Food

Those Starbucks and McDonalds runs can trigger breakouts! Limiting your intake of sugary, greasy, and processed food and opting for healthier choices will keep your skin happy and thriving.


Book a Teen Facial!

Sometimes, professional advice works wonders. Isn't it funny how our kids won’t listen to us but will take advice from an expert? Treat your budding beauty to a Teen Facial at our Silver Lake spa, Being in LA. Our practitioners provide personalized advice and treatments in a safe space. 


The Takeaway

Starting a simple skincare routine early leads to a lifetime of healthy habits. Cleanse gently, use natural products, tackle breakouts, and follow our proven tips. Your skin will improve, and you'll feel great!

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