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Stop Picking! Follow These Face-Saving Rules for Healthy Skin!

Posted by Cutter Cutshaw on
Stop Picking! Follow These Face-Saving Rules for Healthy Skin!

We have a bone to pick with you! Do you ever find yourself — mindlessly or quite deliberately — picking at your face? We’ve all been guilty of it but we are begging you: Please stop! It wreaks horrible damage to your skin. Yes, it’s just so tempting, almost like an itch you cannot help but scratch. But how do you refrain from this picky and pesky habit? We’re here with some proven tips for your skin rescue!

Because here’s the hard truth: When you pick at your face, you push bacteria deeper into the dermis and cause the spread of even more bacteria — with the unfortunate result of more breakouts. Worse, it can cause serious infections, skin lesions, tissue damage and permanent scarring. But since picking is about impulse control, how do we retrain our brains to leave our hands off our face? We, too, have been guilty of picking and have some magic tricks up our sleeves.


What Kind of Picker Are You?

In our experience, there are two types of pickers. Some of us pick at our skin unconsciously, while sitting in traffic, watching Netflix, or working on the computer. We’re deep in thought and our fingers wander to our chin or cheek until they find a little bump. We scratch, scrape, squeeze, fiddle with it and somehow there’s a little rush of excitement that keeps us going and really at it. Then your fingernails find a new spot that also gets the same treatment. Next thing you know, you’ve inflicted some serious damage without even realizing what you’re doing!

“Conscious pickers” make it a deliberate point to pick. We know, the light in your car is just so perfect for applying mascara, tweezing stray hairs from your eyebrows, or attacking your face while stuck in traffic. But the rearview mirror is not your friend when it comes to healthy skin! Then there’s the irresistible allure of your bathroom magnifying mirror. It throws every tiny imperfection into high relief, amplifying every bump and breakout, making regular-sized pores look like giant craters. Who can resist doing a little spot treatment? You can! Stop it! No one looks at you with a magnifying glass and the damage you inflict is never worth the sweet temptation to pick. 


Mist Instead of Pick!

We love the time-tested method of getting rid of a bad habit by starting a healthy new habit! So the next time you’re sitting at a red light or your laptop, waiting for the muse to strike, and feel the impulse to pick, reach for the “magic of the mist” instead. We recommend you carry our Be Happy – Brightening Toner in your purse and take it with you wherever you go. And when you want to pick, mist  instead! This magnificent toner fights off the bacteria you were about to spread and soothes irritated skin on contact. It also has mood-boosting properties that will uplift your senses and expel all that nervous energy that makes you want to fidget with your face.


Part from Your Mag Light Mirror

That beloved magnifying light mirror that gives you a larger-than-life view of yourself? And a larger-than-life view of every pore and blemish? Banish it from your bathroom! It’s like an open invitation to pick with the good intention to do some heavy-duty spot treatment and clean-up. But really, you should leave that job in the professional hands of your trusted aesthy. Yes, mag mirrors are great for applying makeup, contouring, and tweezing, but if you’re a picker, it’s a trigger!


Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Have you ever washed your face in the dark? Maybe under a starry sky while camping…but at home? For those of us who can’t keep our hands off our face, it’s a great exercise in avoiding that cold, harsh, critical look that prompts us to pick away at our precious complexion in an attempt to improve perceived imperfections. This is one of the quickest ways to stop picking and heal your skin.


Chill Out, Consider Your Triggers and Clean, Clean, Clean!

Picking is common. It’s so common, at least 5 million Americans possess this self-grooming behavior disorder called SPD (Skin Picking Disorder), according to Harvard Health. It’s a type of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). And according to The TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs), 75 percent of pickers are female.

We don’t mean to suggest you need to see a shrink (Although this can be a very good thing!) but think about what psychological factors might be contributing to your picking habit; anything from anxiety to negative emotions to simple boredom.

There are so many wonderful techniques for relaxation and grounding in these trying times. Read our post on How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During A Pandemic! And, as a skincare brand that addresses your skin as much as your mind and the whole of you, we designed our products to have aromatherapeutic effects that can counter negative triggers and lift or soothe your spirits. We recommend making skincare part of your daily self-care ritual with our potent, plant-powered products that heal and transform.

Many of us pick at nothing substantial — it’s just a nervous habit; but if you’re dealing with acne and breakouts, check out our Detoxifying Products that kill bacteria and prevent future breakouts and build-up, and get acquainted with our 4-Piece Acne Kit.

Clean skin means happy skin and a happier, healthier, more balanced you. On this occasion, we highly recommend that you regularly mist your face mask, for instance with our anti-bacterial, very grounding, and deliciously fragrant Be Clean — Detoxifying Toner. Also frequently wipe down your cell phone, inside your hats, glasses and shades, keyboard, and workstation, and don’t forget to wash your makeup brushes. All of these healthy little habits will help you to retrain your brain and combat negative prompts that make you oh so picky!

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