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The Right Way to Wash Your Face: 7 Pro Steps for the Perfect Cleanse

Posted by Cutter Cutshaw on
The Right Way to Wash Your Face: 7 Pro Steps for the Perfect Cleanse

As I write this article, the water supply in my town has been off for three days and counting. This has particularly reminded me about the importance (and pure luxury) of cleansing, since my skin hasn’t touched water for 72 hours. 

Never mind not being able to shower, I have actually found the not washing my face bit much, much more grating. Because what a (negative) difference it has made, even in the space of three days. 

Cue greasiness, dry patches, makeup that slides off, a couple of new spots and everything in between. I can’t tell you how excited I am to give my skin a triple cleanse when that water comes back on. 

But it’s not just exterior side effects that occur if you don’t cleanse your skin properly, it’s bad for your skin’s overall health too. After all, regular cleansing helps things like encouraging hydration and fighting off excess oil production. All of which contribute to the long-term condition of your skin.

Here, I breakdown how to perform a good cleansing routine. All with a little help from celebrity aesthetician Jenette Serrins, dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Baron and family medicine and dermatology expert, Dr Jodi LoGerfo.

Because cleansing is, quite literally, the first step to achieving healthier skin.


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