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Why You Might Want to Consider Adding a Body Oil to Your Beauty Lineup

Posted by Cutter Cutshaw on
Why You Might Want to Consider Adding a Body Oil to Your Beauty Lineup

Hands up who has a solid facial skincare routine! Or any kind of facial skincare routine for that matter. 

Perhaps you cleanse and moisturise your face daily. Or maybe you cleanse, exfoliate, apply a face mask, use a serum, and moisturise daily.

Whatever your regime or level of commitment, facial skincare usually only goes down to the neck. But why stop there? Our body skin can get dry and look dull too.

And because we often use slightly harsher body scrubs or cleansers on our bodies, sometimes we need something that’s going to work harder towards hydrating the skin and keeping it supple. 

No, I don’t mean for you to extend your anti-wrinkle cream down to your legs (imagine the expense!). But I am suggesting you consider using a body oil.

So what even is a body oil? How do you use one? And why are they considered to be so important in body care? 

In case you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about, I asked dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Baronskincare expert Julia Shih, and aestheticians Jenette Serrins and Rachel Lee Lozina, why we should all be flying the flag for oiling up our bods.

Because since when did a little extra hydration hurt any-BODY? (I’m here all week, be sure to tip your waitress…)


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