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Allana Pratt

Posted by Sylvie Greil on
Allana Pratt

Back in high school I suffered with acne on my face, shoulders and chest. I had a reprieve in my twenties yet the hormones of childbirth and breastfeeding made me break out again. That's when I first met Jenette when we were both new mums... I began having facials and learning to take better care of my skin. 

I began to see the correlation of picking at my pimples like I was picking at my soul, criticizing myself, stressing out and taking it out on my face. She invited me to wash my face by candlelight and I began to soften, dissolve my shame and believe in myself from the inside out while my skin cleared up beautifully. 

Positivity begets positivity and my career began to flourish as my heart healed and my confidence grew. By this point I was using all of her amazing products and people thought I was in my thirties when I was in my forties. Now they think I'm in my forties when I'm in my fifties! 

Her products are natural, organic, high quality, smell delicious and work phenomenally.  I won't live without them! When my son became a teenager I also began taking him for facials using her anti-acne products.  His confidence improved as his skin cleared up and he took the time for self care. 

Jenette helps me feel beautiful on the outside and the inside. Her products make me feel precious and valuable. You can literally feel the high vibration and loving energy. I love how authentically excited she gets when she launches something spectacular and new! I intend to always look at least 10 years younger than I am, thanks to Jenette :) 

~ Allana Pratt - Intimacy Expert

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