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Sylvie Greil

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Sylvie Greil

My Skincare Journey with Jenette: From Eczema and Adult Acne to Clear, Radiant Skin!

I’m sure we can all agree that 2021 was a mother of a year! But in the spirit of a fresh start and a sense of optimism cultivated by years of yoga, meditation, and gratitude practice, I’m able to emphatically say: Bring on 2022! Because, while a lot has gone slightly askew last year, plenty has gone right. For example, my skin. It’s healthy, ravishing, and finally breakout-free — all thanks to Jenette and her astounding formulations. So, join me on my journey with Jenette All Natural Skin Care. It has a very happy ending!
My Skin in the Beginning…
I never had acne as a teenager. I didn’t even have PMS. Wow, lucky me! Not so fast, my beauties. I had horrible allergies that required weekly hospital visits to get cortisone shots. My skin, at times, looked like a lizard. My hands, especially, were covered in blistering, red itchy rashes. I had eczema on my feet, elbows, back, and belly. My mom was on an eternal quest for an antidote. At one point, we enlisted remedies such as the milk of lactating mares.
Another time, she read that babies born with severe eczema were treated with their own urine in clinics for debilitating infant dermatitis. So I proceeded to pee on my hands in the shower and bathtub — to no avail. As a teenager, my hands were so disfigured by rashes, I could never hold hands with a boyfriend and — obviously — was convinced that nobody would ever marry me. Steroid creams helped some, as did dietary changes. But it never completely went away. Crazy-making itching was my permanent companion. It was OK. I figured there were worse ailments. 
The Last Straw: Blasted Face Eczema!
Fast-forward to my late 40s and, to my horror, eczema started to encroach on my face; especially above my lips and around my eyes. This time I really felt like a lizard. I could use nothing but Cetaphil and the trusty biodynamic, plant-based products developed in my hometown of Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. You might know Weleda. They make the culty bright green “Skin Food” face cream. After staying at an Ayurvedic clinic in India, my mom mailed me packages full of stuff made in the Himalayas. It helped some, didn’t worsen it, but didn’t cure it. I looked like I had a permanent little red mustache above my upper lip. 

I had known about Jenette’s healing products for quite a while and often indulged in some of her goodies, such as products I considered “safe for me” like her aromatherapeutic toners. I visited for an occasional facial and was astounded by the results. Yet I was too afraid to part with my dear, trusty Weleda. One day, we had another in-depth conversation. I told her I was a huge skeptic and couldn’t believe that topical applications could cure my skin. After all, I was convinced that my issues stemmed from within, be it an overactive amygdala, being an HSP (highly sensitive person) or just acting like a nervous spazz all around. I was so wrong. 

Soap? OMG, Yes! (If it’s Jenette’s Green Tea Superfood Facial Bar.)

Soap is something that had terrified me my whole life. But, upon her strong recommendation, I tried her petal-shaped Green Tea Superfood - Facial Bar soap bar (because it looked so cute and I’m a sucker for aesthetics and sophisticated package design), her Be Nourished - Age Defying Moisturizer, and her Just Add Sugar - Cacao Herbal Infusion Masque, which is packed with healing herbs. And what a change happened. My skin very quickly went from chronically flaky and dried out to eczema-free. No more red, wrinkly circles around my eyelids. No more red mustache rash above my upper lip. I could actually wear mascara and lipstick again. Jenette told me that while my product choices were gentle and not harmful, they also did absolutely nothing to nourish my skin, balance it or heal it on a cellular level. I was ecstatic. Sweet relief at long last. 


Adult Acne Strikes with a Vengeance

Then early summer 2021 came around. I separated from my husband of 20+ years, sold my magnificent Mt. Washington house on the hill, and moved into an apartment in Los Feliz with my preteen son. I actually felt pretty good about all of this, free and like a brand new chapter was about to begin. Then my face acted up. And I mean, ACTED UP! Not with eczema this time but with a serious case of all-over acne. Whiteheads, blackheads, red pimples, deep cystic craters. It was a scary mess and I felt extremely embarrassed. Here I was, 50 years old, and looking like a hormonally challenged teenager. I was desperate. Obviously, Jenette came to the rescue. 


Bye-Bye Bumps…

We scheduled regular, non-negotiable facials with LED blue/red lightwave therapy and she set out to balance and clear my skin. I loaded up on products and discovered the art of layering. We swapped the cacao masque for the Magic Matcha -  Green Tea Superfood Masque. I developed a meticulous, Jenette-finessed morning and evening skincare routine involving what have become my favorite and most curative products, among them: Be Clean – Detoxifying Toner, Be Clean – Detoxifying Elixir, and Transform – Niacin Serum. And the nasty, persistent breakouts were banished. My skin is now clear, with smaller pores, and a smooth, glowing complexion. 


New Healthy Regimens and Rituals

We had so many good and inspiring conversations during our sessions. I took her advice to heart. She’s a veritable encyclopedia of wellness and health know-how. I had always eaten an anti-inflammatory diet, due to the eczema, but now I loaded up on zinc, vitamin C, and things like organic cold-pressed aloe vera juice with a bit of unfiltered apple juice. I started to become less haphazard about what I ate and religiously imbibed my apple cider vinegar, with the mother. Most recently, I bought a NutriBullet and have been making smoothies with loads of greens and anything nurturing I can get my hands on: hemp and chia, fresh berries, chlorophyll, ashwagandha, and more. I feel cleaner and lighter on the inside, and so much healthier. 


Let’s Face it… Unbalanced Skin Feels Just Awful

But I have to tell you when your skin looks a mess, it puts a damper on the day. I was grateful for being able to hide my face under a mask when I left the house, because the acne was utterly cringe-worthy to me. I was embarrassed in front of my boyfriend, friends, and even my boss, who likes his employees to look put-together and polished. No one was judgmental or throwing shame, of course. But I didn’t feel like myself. I had never experienced severe breakouts like this before; vicious, persistent case with deep cystic bumps buried deep inside my face. Do I sound terribly vain and superficial? I hope not. My skin was completely out of balance, so I felt out of balance — even out of control. Yet with Jenette’s healing products, there was a solution. 

I’m not the kind of person to write testimonials or Yelp and Amazon reviews. But when Jenette wondered if I’d share my skincare journey, I didn’t even have to think about it. Yes, of course! You don’t have to live with acne and eczema and resort to cortisone creams and damaging heavy-hitters like salicylic acids. Nature holds the cure and Jenette’s brand has harvested and curated her healing properties so successfully.

I now relish in my prettily packaged lineup of products, proudly displayed in my bathroom, and my soothing, luxuriating skincare rituals, because I’m not afraid to wreak havoc on my dermis and wake up with a horrible surprise. I’m giving it the best of the best in all-natural, but absolutely effective — and luxurious, and delicious-smelling — care. 

So, at a time when we’re all setting our optimistic intentions for this brand-new beautiful year, I invite you to try the lineup of this incredible alchemist. Jenette has put so much effort, passion, and know-how into her brand. It shows. Your skin will be in divinely healing hands, thanking you daily. And you, too, will glow!

~ Sylvie Griel 

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