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A message from Jenette...

Please take a moment of gratitude for yourself and the healing experience that awaits… from the sensory journey of each product to the healing and soothing sensations your skin will receive daily. Jenette Skin Care strives to redefine beauty, inside and out. We believe that when you change your skin, you can change your life — and that true beauty can only be achieved if we live in harmony and alignment with Mother Earth. 

If you have any questions or concerns about how to use your new products please make sure to visit our Skin Rituals Page which has an in-depth overview of how to use each product for your specific skin type.

Be a Green Leader! Please make sure to also visit our Sustainable Rituals Page to learn how to properly dispose of our packaging and bottles, which are all made from recyclable materials. Please also reuse the dried herbs and flowers sprinkled in your box, they are organic and can be used to make a nice pot of tea or potpourri.

Thank you again for your support of clean sustainable skin care. Here’s to your new, healthy, radiant skin!

~ Jenette 

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