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All the Wonderful and Amazing Ways You Can Use Jenette Skin Care to Quickly Look and Feel Your Best!

Posted by Sylvie Greil on
All the Wonderful and Amazing Ways You Can Use Jenette Skin Care to Quickly Look and Feel Your Best!

You know those days when you’re not feeling and looking your best due to stress, exhaustion, or just living life with everything it throws at you? And your skin is showing it? It could be that tired, dull look when it feels like even your dermis needs its frown turned upside down. Maybe pesky breakouts are marring your complexion. Perhaps you were skimping on your healthy diet or celebrating a little too much. Whatever the culprit for your skin “blahs,” our founder, Jenette Serrins, has finessed a marvelous “cure” for just those days. Get the skinny on how to really pamper and take care of your skin quick to nourish your radiance and rekindle your vibrancy.

I was definitely going through some stuff. It was a Friday — the kind that didn’t engender a joyous #TGIF feeling but felt like the week had lasted an eternity. Stress and exhaustion. Due dates looming, a hormonal migraine, and just trying to keep my head above water. I wanted to catch Jenette’s live IG at noon that day. So I carved out the time to watch and take a deep dive to glean the quickest and best way to get my skin looking and feeling its best using the Jenette All Natural Skin Care line of products.

Turns out that Jenette had had quite a week herself. She had not taken care of her skin so religiously. Yes, even skincare gurus-in-chief can be guilty of that! But there she was, vibrant and cheerful as ever. She led us step-by-step through the MVPs of the entire program, emphasizing the importance of the “double cleanse” and the art of layering. And I had a major “aha” moment. That morning — tortured by a lingering migraine and its adjunct exhaustion — I had washed my face in a lackluster way and lazily dabbed on some moisturizer. A barebones skincare “regimen.” But as Jenette started getting into how to get your glow back, I began to feel energized and became a woman on a mission! I was going to change my skin, mood, and whole energy. These are her tricks! And they work!


The Double Cleanse Is a Must for Everyone!

“The first thing all of us should be doing in our evening ritual is a double cleanse. I highly recommend you take this time, especially if you wear makeup, sunscreen, or are sweating. If you are not doing a double cleanse, guess what? Your amazing serums, hyaluronic acids, and moisturizers will not work and penetrate as wonderfully as they can. Our skin heals best when we are sleeping. When you cleanse off the day really well at night, you’ll wake up in the morning and all of those amazing treatments will have been able to work their magic. You will look and feel your best!” says Jenette. Here’s how it works:


Be Clean - Detoxifying Elixir

Start your cleanse with Be Clean - Detoxifying Elixir. Jenette does this right when she gets home after a busy day. Massage 3-5 drops onto your dry, “dirty” skin and leave it on. And when we say leave it on, we mean up to an hour or two. Just go about your P.M. business like preparing dinner, catching a show, or reading a book. Intoxicatingly fragrant with eucalyptus lemon, basil, and peppermint, this elixir gives you an instant immune boost. It’s also really healing for lung repair, respiratory issues, or if you are feeling bumpy. If you’re pressed for time, just rinse it off right away with some lukewarm water and get ready for the next “Double Cleanse” step. Your skin will feel so good!


Green Tea – Superfood Facial Bar/ Just Add Sugar – Cacao Herb Infused Soap Bar

While your skin is still damp, cleanse your face with the healing and nourishing green tea soap bar. This marvel works for all skin types but especially for dry, bumpy, red, and/or sensitive skin, removing all the dirt from the day and sunscreen. Apply some extra on areas with extra buildup. If you need stronger cleansing power (e.g. have oily, acneic skin, are sweaty, or worked out a lot), reach for the Just Add Sugar soap. You will feel squeaky clean and wholesomely hydrated!


Detox and Tone Like a Pro


Be Clean - Detoxifying Toner

This fantastic, herbal medicated miracle kills germs and airborne pathogens, tackles breakouts, and keeps your immune system strong. If you have a little bump, spray it on a pad such as a reusable Marley’s Monsters (We are big fans!), press it on the breakout, and hold it for a few seconds. This way you won't spread the bacteria. Jenette says: “I carry this with me everywhere I go, especially when I travel…kills all germs.”


Elevate Your Skin to Vibrant, Awesome Health


Be Renewed – Limited Edition Black Sand Scrub

Now for some luxurious deep healing and exfoliation. Created for all skin types, this labor of love with black sea sand extracted from a private beach offers a gentle, mineral rich detox. It’s especially fab for outdoorsy types. Hydrating and calming, Be Renewed is supercharged with cinnamon, freshly crushed lavender, and rosemary from Jenette’s garden. Leave it on for 1-20 minutes and be poised for a stunning recovery. Using one of Jenette’s magic tricks, apply this next miracle worker with the scrub still on:


Just Add Sugar – Cacao Herb Infused Masque

Miracles are real when you flush out the toxins that wreak havoc on your whole system! This masque is like our chocolate soap on steroids — a veritable “mini facial in a jar.” Massage it gently over the scrub, leave it on for 5-20 minutes; see and feel your skin come back to life! The longer you let it rest, the more stimulating it will be, leading to redness due to increased blood flow. Thus we usually reserve it for night when we leave it on for about 30 minutes. It’s a fantastic way to flush out toxins naturally.


Magic Matcha – Green Tea Superfood Masque

Alternatively, if you have very dry and sensitive skin or if you are using acids, retinol, and Retin-A, apply our Magic Matcha Masque, a nourishing superfood smoothie for your skin. This masque takes off stress and feeds your skin with vital yummy nutrients. The longer you leave it on to penetrate, the more plumping, firming, and lifting you will experience. Your skin should now feel alive, clean, and rejuvenated. 


Be Divine – Age Defying Toner

Gift yourself some “Divine” intervention! Great for sensitive skin, Jenette’s favorite toner traps moisture in without clogging pores. Pure rose absolute oil calms anxiety and soothes restless nerves for a complete immune and vibrational mood shift. It also acts as a natural retinol boost. You can use this toner anytime you desire a pick-me-up. After masque removal, mist fresh new skin with this divine toner!


Get the Lowdown on Effective Layering!


Transform - Niacin Serum

Transform's base is sea kelp, which acts as a natural probiotic, plus organic green tea extract, pure rose absolute, and jasmine for gorgeous rehabilitation. These days, when we’re still wearing a mask, it keeps skin cool, prevents bumps, and keeps pores clean and desirably small. This powered packed serum instantly takes stress off the skin. Don’t forget your décolleté and neck to keep the delicate skin there lifted and protected. Over time, you will marvel at your complexion being smoother and brighter and your pores much teenier.


Potion No. 1 & 2 - Age Defying Serums

Pamper with the magic of potions! “They are the most protective and anti-aging serums I have ever made. They prevent cancer cells and radiation damage from entering the dermis. You don’t ever want to leave home without one of them,” says Jenette. Both potions are 75 percent probiotic, taking off stress and inflammation with finesse while clearing the skin from dust, dirt, and microplastics. Potion No.1 is suited for all skin types but best for those who are sensitive, red, bumpy, and want to keep their pores tiny and clean. Once you’re in your 30s — or your skin has been balanced and rehabilitated — you can graduate to Potion No.2. It’s Jenette’s hands-down favorite, never-leave-home-without product. Dehydrated skin will soak up Jenette’s absolute favorite product for an all day,  tightened glow.


Be Nourished – Age Defying Moisturizer

Time for a tête-a-tête with the holy grail of moisturizers, which entices your senses with calendula and pink grapefruit. Our most hydrating product traps moisture but will never clog your pores...especially with the newest addition of niacin! Be Nourished is ideal for normal, dry, and dehydrated skin, thanks to oil soluble medical-grade vitamin C. Gently dab some around the eyes to prevent crepiness and wrinkles. Jenette likes to add a pea-sized amount of Be Clean Detoxifying Elixir for an extra boost. It makes the Be Nourished more calming and more anti-bacterial. Fountain of youth, anyone?


Divine Intervention for the Ultimate Skin Rescue


Divine Balance Luxury ­- Face and Body Oil

Ready to ascend to skincare heaven courtesy of wrinkle defense peptides, black pepper, vetiver, cypress, pure rose, and a splash of cinnamon? This luxurious new creation is incredible for areas that need extra hydration and extra prevention from aging taking its cruel toll. Packing every favorite precious, healing oil we are obsessed with, Divine Balance will keep you calm, grounded, and hormonally balanced. The oil is non-greasy, and its incredible scent will turn heads as a perfume!


This incredibly motivating live IG session was the kick in the tush I needed. Time for some self-care and a vibrational shift! I indulged in a shortened version of Jenette’s regimen, and just the double cleanse alone dramatically changed my skin from dull to dewy. Better yet? My mood improved from blah to bliss, and even my headache subsided.


I usually wear a light foundation but didn’t feel like I needed it, as though I would mess up a masterpiece I had created. I certainly do not consider my 51-year-old face a “masterpiece” — far from it. But I wanted to enjoy my skin in its natural, well-nourished, and glowing form. Mind-blowing what an effect a conscious and high-vibrational skincare routine can have!

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