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Elevate Your Anti-Aging Game with our New Divine Balance — Luxury Face and Body Oil

Posted by Sylvie Greil on
Elevate Your Anti-Aging Game with our New Divine Balance — Luxury Face and Body Oil


We love oils; body oil, hair oil, and especially skin oil. They are such a luxurious way to achieve smooth, glowing skin and shiny tresses. Silver screen siren Sophia Loren indulges in olive oil baths.  Cleopatra slathered her seductive body in rose petal oil. Beauties in ancient Egypt also used sesame, castor, and moringa oil to preserve their youth. Wellness guru Gwyneth Paltrow swears by her GoopGenes All-in-One Super Nutrient Face Oil. That’s because she hasn’t discovered our new superstar yet, Divine Balance — Luxury Face and Body Oil! (Gwyneth, can you hear us?)

We’ve had a long love affair with face and body oils. When we were teenagers, before we knew better to read ingredient lists, we were obsessed with Neutrogena sesame oil and shimmery Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse — especially the gold-flecked version. Then we discovered Argan oil in Morocco, long before Moroccan oil became a thing. Oils have long been employed for their medicinal, skin-healing, and anti-aging benefits. So, of course, we developed our very own!

So, let’s talk about skin and body oils. They have taken savvy celebs and skincare insiders by storm in recent years, but many beauties still shun them for fear that they will, well, end up looking shiny instead of radiating a healthy glow! But worry not! Divine Balance — Luxury Face and Body Oil, our latest product launch, is an opus we are incredibly proud of. An all-natural ode to the art of oil, it elevates the game of preventing wrinkles to a whole new level.

The texture is just divine, light yet velvety for a gorgeous glow and a baby-soft complexion. We use medical-grade peptides to prevent deep lines from setting in, along with a synergistic blend of organic cold-pressed rosehip seed oil, organic jojoba oil, and organic sunflower seed oil. Divine Balance was carefully curated with every one of Jenette’s favorite oils, lifting spirits and faces with each delicate drop.  For so many reasons, this sensual oil is powerfully pure and will be coveted my many.

It's intoxicating scent features top notes of vetiver, black pepper, and cypress that are incredibly grounding and help with circulation. We can certainly all benefit from that these days, with our heads in the clouds of lifestyle stressors, pandemic preoccupations, and digital detritus making our heads spin. Woodsy and earthy vetiver, in particular, is super grounding and great for easing anxiety, fighting glum moods, and increasing focus and concentration.

Without getting too technical — while getting a tiny bit technical — let’s talk about our new multi-tasker oil’s anti-aging and hydrating benefits. Medical-grade peptides are smaller versions of proteins with exquisite youth-boosting, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. We just love working with cold-pressed organic essential oils, which we carefully select for their medicinal and cosmeceutical benefits. Deliciously fragrant, they are healing, mood-boosting, and spiritually cleansing.

Skin-brightening rosehip seed oil, harvested from the seeds of the rose bush, spoils your skin with vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids and bolsters collagen production. Healing jojoba seed oil also boosts collagen while minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Antioxidant-rich sunflower oil combats aging and shields your skin from the detrimental effects of the sun.

What else can we say? We could wax poetic about this DIVINE oil all day long! You simply must experience it for yourself, especially if you find many face oils you’ve tried too heavy. Visit us at our flagship boutique and spa, being in LA, in the heart of Silverlake, Los Angeles and test it out firsthand. If you’re already an aficionado of our brand, you’ll fall in love with this luxurious oeuvre. We promise. :)

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