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Aromatherapy As The Corner Stone Of Your Skin Care Ritual

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
Aromatherapy As The Corner Stone Of Your Skin Care Ritual

Aromatherapy is defined as the use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils used on the body or skin, in massage or baths. Besides having a positive effect on your skin, it can also improve your immune system, strengthen your mental health and calm your mind.

In uncertain times we all grasp for rituals that can help ground us and guide us through. Using your skin care as aromatherapy ads an extra healing dimension of self-care to your existing routines. Our skincare line contains only the most hydrating, nourishing and beneficial ingredients, 100% natural & ethical sourced essential oils that will help restore and maintain your skin’s natural glow.

When choosing skin care we suggest you not only make your choices based on the results that particular product offers but also on the aroma you are drawn to, natural scents being your best bet. Many, if not all of our products are multifunctional and can work for any skin type in one way or another, so you really cannot make the wrong choice here.

Organic essential oils can have a powerful effect on improving the condition of the skin. Each of our products tell a story based on their unique aromatherapy, as well as how and where we source the oil or base.  Here are a few of our favorite essential oils and how we use them in our line. 

Litsea essential oil, an important ingredient of our Be Happy Brightening C Toner, it acts as a natural anti-depressant, giving your skin an instant pH balance. You can use this toner in your daily routine or accentuate your skin care program by spritzing Be Happy on your face throughout the day if your skin or spirit needs a pick me up. We source litsea essential in California. 

Another fun tip to try:  our Be Happy Brightening Toner can be added into Be Nourished moisturizer to create a less heavy crème. Simply mist a few sprays into a dime size of Be Nourshed Moisturizer.

Rosemary essential oil, a key ingredient in our best seller, Be Clean Detoxifying Serum, promotes mental clarity, reduces nervous tension and fatigue and supports healthy respiratory function. This multifunctional oil can be used as a stand-alone moisturizer for acne prone skin, added to Be Nourished moisturizer to create an anti-bacterial yet rich moisturizer and can be used to treat allergies or colds by clearing your nasal passage ways. We source our organic rosemary essential oil in Oregon.

Sandalwood essential oil found in our Be Calm, our award-winning vitamin C serum is gentle enough to use on every skin type. Sandalwood essential oil breaks up hyper-pigmentation naturally, maintaining clear and glowing skin. This super grounding, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, emollient high vibration EO is also a memory booster. We source Sandalwood essential oil from New Calendonia.

Pure Rose Absolute Essential oil forms the cornerstone of our Magical Be Divine Age Defying Toner. Use this toner to calm and hydrate any skin type while calming the senses and preventing anxiety. You can also mist Be Divine throughout the day to enhance your skincare ritual, providing an even more loving and nurturing aromatherapy experience. We source our Trilogy Rose Absolute from Bulgaria, Morocco and France .

Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil; one of the most amazing ingredients we have been excited to add into our line is Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil, from France!  You will experience this ingredient in our transformative new Niacin Serum launching in the new year. Time for even more skin healing with Jenette!




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