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Facts About Aging and Anti Aging Natural Skincare

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
Facts About Aging and Anti Aging Natural Skincare

My focus is to provide you with safe, effective, and natural solutions for your primary skin concerns. Most of my clients are focused on either anti-aging or anti-acne skincare. As I am always thinking of the next product to add to my skin care line that address these concerns, I read a lot of research about aging skin, and ask myself the question;

Why do some women seem to age faster than others?

While there are many environmental factors at play, other influences are genetics and life choices, as well as the kind of skin care products you use.  I recently came across an article that goes into the reasons why some women seem to age faster than others and what the influence of skin care has on the aging process. This article also talks about the current Korean skin care trends.

Why are social media influencers and the big brands so interested in Korean skin care?

A lot of the interest seems to come from the fact that Korean skin care addresses skin and anti-aging from a more holistic level, offering natural and holistic solutions. 

I have been advocating a sustainable and holistic approach to skin care for over a decade and have created a comprehensive all natural skin care line that addresses aging at a scientific level. I’ve spent years researching sustainable and natural ingredients that achieve demonstrable results. 

Using a multi-step approach to anti-aging in your daily routine gives you and your skin an edge. By cleansing and adding several layers you give your skin the ability to protect, repair any damage and even to regenerate skin cells. The results speak for themselves.

Adding my new Be Divine - Age Defying Toner as the final step in your skin care routine will give you a radiant look and a healthy glow, as well as deeply nourished skin. The nutrient rich ingredients in Be Divine – Age Defying Toner will prevent dehydration, inflammation and aging from taking a toll.

I recently filmed a skin prep tutorial (find it on my Instagram Highlights) that shows the result of finishing my make-up routine by spritzing myself with Be Divine - Age Defying Toner. As we were shooting live I had to do a second take for the final step and spritzed myself with a second and third layer of this toner which gave me the most fantastic glow. My skin felt so nourished all day long, I have since adopted a second layer of toner every morning! 

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