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Fall Skin Care Rituals

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
Fall Skin Care Rituals

As we transition from summer to fall, we want to check in with you and make sure you are also refreshing your daily skin care rituals. Generally speaking, if you are using the right products for your skin type, you shouldn't need to make that many changes.

With the drier air now taking over our daily lives, this will have a direct impact on your skin due to the cooler temperatures in the AM and PM, as well as switching from cold AC to warmer AC temperatures, possible heater season for some.

With these transitions we recommend adding an extra layer of protection such as a serum to your ritual. If you are currently using Be Calm Brightening Serum you could add Potion No.2 – Age Defying Serum over your Be Calm Brightening Serum. This luxurious facial serum harnesses the power of probiotics and provides the extra nourishment your skin needs during the colder months. 

If you are currently using Potion No 1. – Age Defying Serum and you have a normal skin type you could make the change to Potion No 2. during the colder months.  Whatever your current skincare ritual, adding an extra layer of nourishment will create the right kind of situation for your skin to keep thriving.  

If you feel like your skin is drying out throughout the day, you can always mist our Be Divine – Age Defying Toner to add moisture, or our Be Happy - Brightening Toner if you are oily/acneic. Keeping your skin moisturized throughout the day will help keep your natural barrier strong and able to fight off the environmental impact of fall weather, including UVA/UVB ray damage, as well as other environmental pollutants and toxins.


So you see, just minor adjustments are necessary to keep your skin at its best so you can concentrate on enjoying the fall weather.


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