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Get Your Skin Zoom-Perfect Ready!

Posted by Cutter Cutshaw on
Get Your Skin Zoom-Perfect Ready!
Is Zoom still a thing? Oh, yes, beauties! It’s not going anywhere, especially with many of us continuing to work from home and offices opting to keep their staff safely socially distanced. The same goes for social hours, remote birthday parties, and even dates! Virtual meetings are here to stay, and while you think you might have perfected your Zoom and Google Hang game by now, we have rounded up plenty of tips and tricks on how to start a camera-ready skincare regimen, the all-natural and holistic way!

So how do you put your best face forward to look energetic, glowing, and like the consummate professional—minus that ubiquitous Zoom fatigue? We all face different challenges. Some of us need to mattify an oily sheen, especially in the summer months, while others need to perk up a complexion that looks dull, tired and washed out. After all, these are taxing times! You’ll also want to cover up small imperfections and pigmentation without looking like you’re wearing a lot of makeup. We know the spiel, and we have perfected an easy-breezy, tried-and-true guide for nailing your virtual hangs with a flawless, covetable glow!


Green Tea for Clean Skin

We’re all suffering from collective fatigue and many of us skimp on cleansing our face thoroughly in the morning, especially if we’re planning on not leaving the house and working remotely in our yoga pants. But clean skin is the holy grail of your routine. Ideally, you do a thorough session at night before bedtime, which allows your skin to heal and repair itself and your layered products to work their restorative magic. 
But cleanse you must in the a.m., and we recommend starting with our Green Tea - Superfood Facial Bar. This powerful superfood cleanser packs green tea and antioxidants that calm redness, reduces oiliness, alleviating irritation or bumps without stripping your skin.
If you really want to go the extra mile for that meeting, looking and feeling your best, opt for our new Magic Matcha - Green Tea Superfood Masque . This is a sure way to take your skin game to the next level. Ideally, apply one hour before your online session, or you can always do it the night before a date or Zoom. It’s like a SUPER smoothie for your skin!

Tone and Fight Morning Fatigue

Next, mist your face with Be Happy – Brightening Toner to instantly balance your skin’s pH level. This product packs an exceptional, energizing aromatherapeutic punch to instantly make you feel more alert with markedly improved mental clarity and lifted spirits! It’s a fantastic spray for anyone feeling some early morning sluggishness, fatigue, or work dread when eyeing their overflowing email inbox and endless to-do lists. It’s suitable for all skin types.

Get Picture Perfect with a Potion

Apply some Potion No.1 - Age Defying Serum and allow it to sit for 2-5 minutes to lift and tighten your skin, smoothing out and minimizing those pesky pores. Use these precious minutes to take some time out, sipping your tea or latte, or just take some deep breaths and try to be completely in the moment to recharge your battery for the day ahead. Potion No. 1 is our best, most calming, and pore-tightening miracle worker, with pink grapefruit to uplift your spirits!

For a Flawless, Sun-kissed Glow

Not leaving the house? You should still apply sunscreen with a 5-20% zinc, as the digital rays of your laptop can wreak havoc on your skin! Zinc is highly anti-inflammatory and prevents acne. Be sure to use reef-safe sunscreen. (We could go on and on about that topic, but we’ll save it for another post.) We love a multitasking product that provides protection, works as a moisturizer, and offers a dewy tint for a flawless summer glow that makes us look sun-kissed, and not washed out. 

We highly recommend the brand Suntegrity for a “UV chemical-free”, vegan and cruelty-free sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection against harmful rays. Their tinted “Impeccable” Moisturizing Face Sunscreen is our fav, packed with youth-promoting antioxidants while it hydrates, protects and covers your skin naturally. You can be sure to find the right color for you! Shades include Ivory (think Nicole Kidman), Nude, Buff, Sand, Tan and Bronze (for darker skin tones).


Play Up Your Eyes and Lips

We like to keep our makeup minimal for daytime affairs and Zoom sessions. But you want to look good, professional, and boss-lady-level prepared with that “I’ve been outside” flush! Start by opening up your eyes! Jane Iredale mascara is non-toxic and has a base of conditioning algae extract. It comes in three types. Our go-to is the luxe lengthening option — goes without saying! 

Next, we apply her Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in Forever Pink. She also offers Forever Peach and Forever Red, but Pink looks universally good on most complexions and flatters most people’s skin's undertone. It gives you that irresistible bitten-lip pout that looks delicious on everyone. As the pièce de résistance, dab some on your eyelids to highlight your pretty peepers to look alert, refreshed, and ready to tackle your busy day with panache!

Now you’re ready for your picture-perfect Zoom sesh. Find your best light — but better yet, glow from within. Misting Be Happy anytime you feel you need a “pick-me-up.”  

Shine on, beauties!

PS: If you’re in the Greater Los Angeles area, join us for our August 28 session at our lovely new Being in LA location in Silverlake from 4-6pm. Your $25 participation fee goes towards any of our products you might fall in love with. We will go over how to achieve great skin in an all-natural and holistic way, offer amazing skin and make-up tips, and will finish with 20 minutes of hands-on, one-on-one tips and Q&As.

Contact to reserve your spot, limited space available.

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