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How A Healthy Gut Leads To Healthy Skin

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
How A Healthy Gut Leads To Healthy Skin

If we have a healthy gut, then we also have visibly healthier skin. As we are all more focused on our health we are understanding, again, that healthy skin equals a healthy body and vice versa.

Healthy intestines not only make us feel better, more energized and happier but they also give us a radiant complexion and shiny hair. A healthy gut communicates with the brain through our nerves and hormones, keeping a balance to maintain our overall health and well-being. In addition, they ensure that we suffer less from allergic skin reactions and other health conditions.

So how do we influence a healthy gut? Our gut functions as the key hub of our immune system. More than 70% of our immune cells live in our gut, they are activated by contact with our intestinal bacteria. If we disturb this intestinal flora, the variety of the micro biome decreases, resulting in a weakened immune system. Facets of life take a toll on our gut and we encourage you to avoid the following: high sugar or processed foods, high stress levels, too little sleep, not enough water!

Eating the right foods will help us maintain the right biome. Leafy greens, ginger, fermented foods, certain yogurts and even nuts! Read more on that here

If we disturb the biome by growing up with an overly hygiene focused parent or if we have had to take a lot of antibiotics, we need to actively work to restore that biome. Often times this may take years. Pre and pro biotics can play a major role here in the healing process. To aid in a quicker rehabilitation of your intestinal tract, I recommend finding a multi strain probiotic like Mega Foods: Megaflora Probiotic or the MRM Women's Probiotic. This vegan formula with customized MICROBAC™ live transport system increases the stability and delivery of their probiotics 5-fold, and includes ingredients that support our urinary tract health. Commit to at least 1-6 months of daily oral intake for best results!

Taking care of our skin has gained increasingly more focus over the last year as a lot of us had more time on our hands to focus on our own health and wellness. In fact, sales of skincare products grew by 13% last year in the United States, while makeup grew by only 1% in the same period, clearly marking a shift to health focused beauty.   


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