Using The Right Amount of Skin Care Products

September 22, 2020

Using The Right Amount of Skin Care Products

If you are curious about exactly how much of our product you should use to get the best results, then this skin care ritual guide is for you!

Using too much of certain skin care products can cause different issues depending on your skin type, but too little of others may not help either. We have formulated our line to work with all skin types, however you should make sure you are using the proper amounts based on your specific skin type.  How do you find out what is the correct dosage that works best for you? That's where we come in.

Nowadays most of us experience some kind of environmental damage to our skin on a regular basis.  Challenging environments may include living in a big/overpopulated city, hot and humid summers or dry winters.

Here’s a guide that applies to environmentally damaged skin*

*If you would like to read more info about your specific skin type, such as acne prone skin, take a look at our skincare guide here. 


When using either of our soaps, as a first or second cleanse, make sure you are not going for a thick lather but rather lather up a small amount of soap all over your face and work it into your skin for about 1 minute. We know it’s tempting to use more but be careful not to overdo it, especially with our Just Add Sugar – Cacao Herbal Infusion Soap Bar. Our proprietary blend of Chinese and Korean herbs is really strong and effective in small amounts. You can rub the soap directly on any bumps or breakouts if you need a little extra help. 


Depending on which kind of pad you use, we suggest you always mist a minimum of five sprays. You can mist your face anytime throughout the day or wipe with a Marley’s Monsters pad after cleansing, preferably in the PM. This prevents pores from clogging and allows for any serum or moisturizer to truly penetrate into your dermis while you sleep.

If you are misting to give yourself a little aromatherapy boost, mist two to five times.  Spritz about five times if you are using our Be Divine Toner to add moisture to dry skin.  Our clients love traveling with Be Divine as it allows them to quickly add moisture when they are in an airplane or airconditioned airports. And of course, right now none of us can leave the house without our Be Clean Detoxifying Toner!


Use a little more than a dime size of either of our Potions, always allowing the serum to dry completely before adding an extra layer of moisture. If you have dry skin, you can add a dime size amount of Be Nourished Age Defying Moisturizer over the Be Calm Vitamin C serum or chosen Potion. 

After toner your skin at night, you may want to use another serum before adding your nighttime moisturizer.  If you are using our Be Calm Brightening C Serum, a nickel size is perfect and as always, make sure to have the serum dry completely before adding your next layer of skincare.

Be Clean Elixir:

Our Be Clean Elixir gets its own category as this multifunctional product can be used on its own or mixed with other products in our line. If you are using it as a morning or nighttime serum, use 2-3 drops and press into your face. This elixir is also perfect for acne prone skin, add 1-2 drops to your nighttime moisturizer, making it anti-bacterial as well as nourishing. If you are using it on top of your nighttime moisturizer use 2-3 drops and press onto your skin to trap in extra healing benefits and moisture.

For extreme acne or rosacea prone skin, you can use our Be Clean Elixir as a stand-alone moisturizer. If you do this make sure to use 3-5 drops!


Referred to by many as ‘miracle in a jar’, our masque is perfect for all skin types. Use a minimum of twice a week, three times a week if you have acne prone skin. Read all about the amount of product and frequency of use for your specific skin type in this handy guide. 


As SPF ambassadors we’ve written several posts about the importance of wearing sunscreen as well as the amount /frequency of SPF you should be applying. In short, wear SPF daily, even if the sun is not out. If you live in a sunny climate and are planning to spend time outdoors, bring a hat, wear sunglasses and be sure to re-apply throughout the day.  We love Suntegrity’s Sport Stick SPF 30.

Finally, please always refer to skin rituals page as your skin changes or if you are dealing with specific skin issues. 


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