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What Is Your Natural Skincare Beauty Routine I: Rachael Pass

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
What Is Your Natural Skincare Beauty Routine I: Rachael Pass

We spoke with Rachael Pass the other day, loyal customer and skincare junkie. Rachael lives in Los Angeles with her husband and young son.

The beauty products that Rachael loves most are all natural skincare products from Jenette All Natural Skin Care.

On Meeting Jenette and Using Her Services and Products

To be honest I did not set out trying to find a specifically natural skincare line to be the answer to my skincare challenges, but once I met Jenette and got to know her story and her all natural skincare line, I was hooked. 

There is something pretty special about meeting Jenette, she is a very warm, highly intelligent human being that really knows her stuff. We connected on a personal level and I met her years ago but only recently started getting treatments at her spa again.

Going to see Jenette on a regular basis and using her skincare products has transformed my skin. Jenette is a true skin alchemist and she has created the perfect combination of products for every skin type.

What is your skin type?

I have classic combination skin with dry patches and oily patches, and since my late twenties a lot of break-outs.  Because I have oily skin with patches of dryness I tried to dry my skin out as much as I could but of course this backfired and I was left with exceedingly oily skin as my skin tried to compensate for the dryness.  Luckily Jenette set me on the right path. To keep my skin looking its best, Jenette suggested a specific routine I can follow between visits to her beautiful spa, Being In LA.

What’s Your Morning Skin Care Routine?

My routine starts in the morning by cleansing with a gentle cleanser, EltaMD Facial Cleanser, followed by applying Jenette’s Be Clean - Detoxifying Toner. I spritz this on gauze and then gently wipe my face.  Jenette suggested using gauze as it absorbs much less product than traditional cotton rounds.  If I have a breakout at the time, I will use her Be Clean - Detoxifying Toner on a gauze to press it onto the breakout, making it virtually disappear within a day or so. On my last visit Jenette shared with me that she will be launching a sensitive skin soap bar very soon, so I will be thrilled to be amongst the first to try this new soap.

When my face is dry I apply Jenette’s Be Calm - Brightening C Serum, this serum instantly calms and brightens my skin. This miracle serum also fights free radical damage throughout my day! 

Extra nourishment is added with her Potion No.1 - Age Defying Serum, this provides my skin with the ultimate daily protection and has really changed the way my skin feels throughout the day.  I live in Southern California so I always follow up with an SPF. I am currently using Image PREVENTION+ daily tinted moisturizer SPF 30+. This zinc based SPF provides a little tint and a lot of protection!  Jenette sells a lot of great zinc based sunscreens at Being in LA.

What’s Your Evening Skin Care Routine?

My evening routine starts the same way, I cleanse as I do in the morning unless I feel buildup or a breakout coming on, then I will take Jenette’s heart soap (The Just Add Sugar - Cacao Herbal Infusion Soap Bar), rub it on my face and really work it into my face with my fingers. This soap, which is almost more like a treatment, leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. I will follow with her Be Clean - Detoxifying Toner and her Be Calm - Brightening C Serum. I then apply her Be Nourished Apple Stem Cell Moisturizer. This moisturizer is unique in that it feels super rich yet it is absorbed by my skin quickly and does not clog my pores.

rachael pass all natural skincare beauty routine before and after


On Her Weekly Masque Treatment

About once a week I will use Jenette’s amazing Just Add Sugar - Cacao Herbal Infusion Masque, which is truly unique in that it is a miracle herbal masque that actually works…it feels like a clay mask but better! After removal my skin feels both clean and super nourished, something I never experienced with other masques. Following this routine has really done wonders for my skin and has allowed me to maintain results in between facials even if I can’t keep up a regular facial routine.

Traveling with Jenette All Natural Skin Care products

When I travel I bring all of my products, although recently a single product has stood out to be especially beneficial during travel and that is Jenette’s Be Divine - Age Defying Toner. My girlfriends and I recently travelled to Las Vegas where there is so much air conditioning that your skin really starts to suffer. We misted ourselves with Be Divine throughout day, adding much needed moisture. Our skin felt great and our moods were even lifted.

Another travel essential for me is the Be Clean - Detoxifying Elixir. This elixir calms your skin and kills bacteria, super handy if you are trying to keep a semblance of clean skin while you travel or after you’ve used SPF on the beach all day.

Finally, What is Your Favorite Product of Jenette’s?

If I had to pick a favorite it would be her heart soap (Just Add Sugar – Cacao Herbal Infusion Soap Bar), that little soap is my best friend. On a recent trip to Mexico I gave it to my husband to use as he was getting a breakout on his forehead, this soap made the bumps disappear overnight!!


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