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Sara Morris

Posted by Sylvie Greil on
Sara Morris

I was introduced to Jenette’s skin care thanks to a friend who gave me Be Clean and a Green Tea Superfood Facial Bar. I’m going to come clean (pun intended) and tell you, I’m addicted to Be Clean. And it’s not just me. My entire family has loved this during the pandemic. My daughter especially won’t wear a mask without it. She’s 100% positive it’s the only thing keeping her safe from “mask acne,” which I guess is a thing now. I love it not only as a spray, but also as an elixir. There’s something so fresh about it. It’s truly inimitable.

Another of my favorites is Be Calm. I like the brightening serum not only because it smells divine, but also because it gives me a sun-kissed look. The vitamin C Jenette uses (I mean I’m guessing here - she could be using magic stardust to make me look this good) really brightens me. I look awake if that makes sense to you - and I can use all the “awake” I can get these days.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention Just Add Sugar, which Andrea (my  aesthetician at BEING IN LA) uses when I come in. The smell is heavenly and the ingredients are clean and all natural, which I love. But the takeaway is fresh, dewey skin. It’s wonderful.

If it sounds like I’ve tried pretty much everything Jenette has crafted in her apothecary, you’d be correct. Before this I purchased all my beauty supplies at a large, national chain store and it was fine. Everything was fine. But this is different - these products actually make me look different. Younger. Brighter. Cleaner. My last frontier is Potion No.1 - I can’t wait to see what Jenette’s age defying serum does. Maybe I’ll even get carded again!

~ Sara Morris

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