Be Clean - Detoxifying Elixir

Be Clean - Detoxifying Elixir

Immediately Soothing! "I suffer from eczema due to allergens and stress. It shows up mostly on my hands and can be anywhere from barely noticeable to very uncomfortable. It can be very itchy, red and hot. Be Clean gives my skin immediate results by soothing the itch and redness and moisturizes the dryness it creates. I also like to use it around my nostrils if I’m getting allergy attack!" ~ Zoe on Dec 19, 2018 (Read More Reviews Below.)

Propel your skin to next-level clean and healing with Be Clean Elixir Oil for calmer, balanced skin.  For deep radiance and a luminous glow, this serum does double duty with its anti-bacterial qualities that keep your skin clean and clear.  

Crafted with a potent base of cold-pressed organic grapeseed oil for an extra layer of moisture and organic basil extract that detoxifies and soothes.  This exceptional detoxifying elixir is strongly anti-inflammatory and great for redness, bumps and acne. Also incredible to alleviate sinus or respiratory issues or anytime as a daily immunity booster.

.5 fl oz / 15ml

Key Benefits: 

• Anti-inflammatory
• Calm and balance
• Sinus and respiratory relief

NOTE: If traveling, please carry on with you as extreme weather and pressure changes can cause the all natural ingredients to expand and leak out.

We put a lot of care, love and integrity into each and every product we craft with our exceptional, raw and all-natural ingredients. Since every new batch is carefully made by hand, there may be slight variations in texture, color and scent.

Ingredients: Organic Cold Pressed Grape Seed Oil, Organic Basil Extract, Organic Eucalyptus Lemon Extract, Organic Rosemary Extract, Peppermint Extract

Ships directly from California.





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How to use

Shake Well. Apply 3-4 drops after toning. Gently press into skin as needed throughout the day. Follow with moisturizer and/or reef safe sunscreen. Please refer to our Skin Type Rituals to learn how to best use this product for your specific skin type.

What it does

A skin and household MUST HAVE!  This all natural elixir Instantly calms and kills bacteria, in the most effective, yet gentle way.  Feeling stressed, under the weather or struggling with seasonal allergies? A few drops of this oil will soothe and clear you up fast!  Promotes clean, clear, radiant skin and sinuses with each use.

Key ingredients

Eucalyptus Lemon Essential Oil
Eucalyptus lemon essential oil

Antibacterial; promotes better concentration, relieves headaches, heals most inflammation and respiratory issues.

Basil Essential Oil
Basil Essential oil

acts as a natural antibiotic for your skin, anti-viral and boosts the skin’s immune system to fight off Bacteria on its own.

Rosemary essential oil
Rosemary essential oil

Anti-aging, promotes mental clarity, reduces nervous tension and fatigue, supports healthy respiratory function.


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