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Best Natural Sunscreen – Jenette’s Picks

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
Best Natural Sunscreen – Jenette’s Picks

Jenette recommends we all wear sunscreen year round, yes, 12 months out of the entire year!!  However, now is the time when we do receive more questions as the summer and heat amps up!

Let’s take a look at Jenette’s favorite natural sunscreen brands in order of preference and least amounts of ingredients.  All of these products have been vetted personally by Jenette and adhere to her standards skincare/sunscreen. We’ve listed the products in order of 'cleanliness'.

  1. Jane Iredale – Jane launched her brand over 20 years ago and was one of the first cosmetics companies to add SPF to make-up. From Jane Iredale’s signature mineral make up to her tinted moisturizer, you will get at least 20 SPF with broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sun protection. The unique Powder-Me SPF® Dry Sunscreen has a 30 protection, can be re-applied throughout the day and is water resistant up to 40 minutes! Super handy to carry around with you AND great for kids who do not like to wear creamy sun blocks.
  1. Epicuren - Zinc Oxide Perfecting Sunscreen SPF 27 - This antioxidant-rich sunscreen naturally protects your skin from UV-related damage, including premature aging and hyperpigmentation. With a 10% zinc this is our GO-TO sunscreen CREAM for those who are sensitive, oily or acneic.  It has no smell and does NOT leave you pasty white!
  1. Suntegrity - Tinted SPF 30 – This beautiful and very hydrating formula is loaded with clean, nutrient rich ingredients with a 20% zinc in it. There are an array of different colors that can best suit your skin tone.  Best results come from normal to dry skin types as this product is a 3 in 1!
  1. EMK – If you are in the market for a multi task moisturizer with SPF, GLOWIN™ 8-in-1 Tinted Cream is a great option.  It gives skin glowing natural color, helping to repair and inhibit aging from sun and environmental exposure and also acts as a great primer under any tint, powder or foundation.  You will love the real Vanilla Essential in here;)
  1. IMAGE SPF 30+. This daily moisturizer subtly evens out skin tone and gives the skin a gorgeous, healthy glow with the benefits of plant stem cells and SPF 30 sun protection. The formula is zinc-based, non-clogging, sheer and does not leave a white layer on your skin. It blends perfectly and creates a great base layer for your make-up. 

best natural sunscreen

It’s important to remember a few things when protecting your skin from harsh sun rays.

  1. Always apply 20 minutes before you leave your house and under your make-up. Let your sunscreen sit for a minute or two before you continue with a (mineral) foundation.
  2. Re-apply! Aim to re-apply at least two or three times throughout your day.Dermatologist recommend every 2 hours between 10am-4pm!!
  3. Make it easy on yourself by using a powder such as Jane Iredale’s Powder Me SPF 30. (This product will not expire being left in a hot car!)
  4. Cleanse! After being out and about in the sun you should pay extra attention to cleansing your skin. Jenette suggests a double cleansing routine. Start with Be Clean Detoxifying Elixir- this will dissolve any product on your skin, follow with Just Add Sugar - Cacao Herbal Infusion Soap Bar. Rinse your face well and tone with Be Clean - Detoxifying Toner. Now that you have squeaky clean skin you can apply Be Calm - Brightening C Serum, this will instantly calm and repair the day’s damage, as well as brighten your skin. Finish with your favorite night time moisturizer.s

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