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Natural Anti-Aging Ingredients And Products That Actually Work

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
Natural Anti-Aging Ingredients And Products That Actually Work

Keeping your skin looking good, healthy and vibrant can be challenging in the summer months, especially for mature skin. I’ve been in the business of natural skincare and effective anti-aging products for decades and my experience has allowed me to hone in on what my clients want, and what’s best for their skin.

Relying on all natural skincare for anti-aging purposes can be a leap for some of my new customers and I’d like to take some time and address some of the concerns you may have. 

First of all, creating all natural skincare products is a complex task. I spend a lot of time researching ingredients and finding clean, sustainable ingredients that actually work is even more of a challenge.  I gladly accept and embrace this challenge and have made it my life’s mission to provide you with anti-aging products that are proven to work.

Finding the right mix of natural ingredients is crucial, they need to work together to ensure efficacy. Some plant based ingredients don’t play nice together and others complement each other. Combining ingredients such as Oil Soluble Vitamin C and Cold Pressed Aloe Leaf Juice has allowed me to create products such as my Be Calm Brightening C Serum, a power house serum that helps erase the damage of the day and gets your skin back to its healthy vibrant self within weeks.

The next step is for these ingredients to actually enter your dermis rather than just sitting on top. Using natural lipids ensures this natural goodness can do its job, which is why most of my products contain cold pressed organic oils. 

Lastly, we must make sure your products are fresh and alive when they get to you, this is where Leucidical liquid comes in. Not only does this all natural ingredient preserve the efficacy of the product it also prevents microbial contamination while feeding your skin with probiotics, preventing the inflammation process from killing your live cells. Praised for its anti-bacterial properties, recent studies have shown that it is also effective in killing cancer cells and preventing radiation damage from entering the dermis.

You will see that if these three concerns are addressed properly your skin will benefit. After using my anti-aging product line for about 2-3 weeks you will start noticing a true transformation. Your skin will start healing itself from the inside out and fine lines, age spots and wrinkles will start to decrease, leaving you with healthy, calm and vibrant skin. 

Because I want you all to be able to try my anti-aging line, we have created a special promotion for the month of July. Take 25% off my new and improved anti-aging kit and experience what all natural skincare can do for you!  (Total Savings of $183!)


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