How To Take Care Of Yourself During This Time At Home

May 05, 2020

How To Take Care Of Yourself During This Time At Home

Selfcare during this pandemic may seem like a luxury you cannot afford but we are here to show you that you can and should strive to make this space and time for yourself.  We want to honor mothers and selfcare rituals for all, now more than ever.

The key to feeling good and looking your best is designing a life that is based on intentional choices that put yourself first, even if that means stepping out of your comfort zone.

  1. Nourish and hydrate yourself well

 Drink a large glass of lukewarm or room temp water in the morning with a splash of apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon (a drop of lemon essential oil is also possible). With this you gently wake up your body to get ready for the day. With every sip you take, think of a word with which you want to give your body an extra boost. For example: Energy, Peace, Positivity, Strength or Rest.

Make herbal tea for yourself and put it in a thermos for the day (iced if it’s hot out!). Make an agreement with yourself to only pour tea when you can actually start drinking it. We love clean, sustainable and fair-trade brands, especially if you can find loose leaf in bulk (taking away the single use packets!). Jenette’s favorites are usually green tea: Organic Jasmine Pearls, Genmaicha and Rose Sencha. 

  1. Stay connected to yourself…and disconnect from online

 It is so easy to lose yourself in the day, now more than ever we get pulled into homeschooling, work, keeping up with housework, washing our hands, reaching out to friends…and of course sucked into the world of social media! Put yourself first by choosing a daily activity that pushes you to connect with your higher self; journal, meditate or draw, whatever works for you.

A simple 3-minute deep breathing exercise can make all the difference for your entire day. Then you can begin to work up to 7 minutes and then possibly to 20, wouldn’t that be nice to have that kind of quiet time for yourself? We also encourage you (and your children) to stay off your devices as much as possible, especially the first hour upon waking and the last hour before bed.

Sit on a chair, a meditation cushion or lie down and do light stretches for your neck. Do this by holding your head to the right for a minute and left for a minute and then slowly turning, and possibly doing neck rolls in both directions. Shrug your shoulders a few times and drop. Breathe in and out very deeply. Massage a drop of essential oil (for example, lavender) on your neck and shoulders to alleviate stress and boost your immune system. These will all ensure that you stay calmer and keep your body and spirit feeling their best.

  1. Making choices for yourself and our planet that make you feel good 

Keep up with your earth friendly, sustainable living routines. By making healthy choices for our planet, you will not only be keeping your own integrity intact, you will be an example to your family and friends, ultimately feeling good about yourself. Now is the perfect time to strive to making home cooked meals, buying in bulk from local businesses whenever possible, forgoing take-out vessels (single use plastic) and making earth centered choices.

What helps Jenette out more than anything is planning ahead; prepare a weekly menu and limit a special one night a week take out from your favorite local spot. Being prepared will allow for more ease and grace in your daily life, especially with planning meals for you and the fam!

  1. Get some fresh air and Vit D!

We cannot stress enough how important it is to breathe and get out for a little bit each day. That being said get outside and breathe in some fresh oxygen and probably cleaner air then we’ve had for years, even if just on your deck or in your back yard.  I know we are always preaching about sunscreen and wearing hats when you’re out and about, however if you’re just spending 10-20 minutes outside before 11am and after 4pm there is usually shade and that Vit D from the sun is essential, elevating your mood which we could all use right now.

  1. Make a gratitude list

 Do you feel like you’re not being productive right now? Do you feel like the most underrated woman in the world? Step back, sit down and write down everything you're thankful for - no matter how cheesy that sounds. Start with the big things like health and kids, then look at the more frivolous points - like your commitment to taking a few minutes alone each day to recharge, or your never-let-down PM cleansing ritual, facial masque and moisturizer.

We are truly in this with you as we are exploring and experiencing different ways of living ourselves and hope to bring a little light and guidance into your day.




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