How To Upgrade Your Skincare During The Coronavirus Pandemic

May 26, 2020

How To Upgrade Your Skincare During The Coronavirus Pandemic

In addition to the beauty rituals that we continue to advocate for, it is important to take extra great care of your skin during this coronavirus pandemic. Wearing a mask when you go outdoors is the right choice to make, protecting yourself and your fellow humans, however, it can lead to a myriad of skin issues. Luckily just a few tweaks to your daily skin routines can make a big difference in keeping your skin healthy and vibrant. 


1. Daytime skin prep before wearing a mask

Creating a protective layer on your skin is vital to keeping your skin healthy and free of redness, bumps or any irritation and breakouts. Potion No.1  - Age Defying Serum and/or Be Clean Elixir are perfect for this purpose. How to use: take 2-3 drops of be Clean elixir and massage into hands while breathing in the healing aroma, then press it around the periodontal area where the mask will sit and follow with Potion No.1 -  Age Defying Serum.

Potion No.1 is loaded with nutrient rich probiotics and extracts that tone, lift and protect the skin all day long.  Be Clean Elixir instantly calms and kills bacteria in the most effective, yet gentle way. Adding both of these products to your morning skincare routine helps your skin create a buffer that prevents irritation, breakouts and redness, especially when having to wear a mask.

If you do end up with irritation or even dreaded ‘mask-ne’, consider increasing your weekly masque frequency and cleansing your skin as soon as you come home for the day. Don’t wait until nighttime to cleanse and moisturize if you are able to so earlier in the day.

2. Sunscreen

Every time you remove your mask sunscreen is being removed, so make sure to reapply your sunscreen, preferably a reef safe, zinc based formula. We love the Suntegrity small stick, it’s easy to carry around and great for your kids too. This reef safe SPF is zinc based and non-toxic, great for quick touch-ups on your hands, face, chest and shoulders.

If you prefer a powder, Jane Iredale’s Powder Me SPF 30 is an easy one to carry around and reapply as well.  Don’t forget about taking care of your hands too, the alcohol in hand sanitizers can dry out your skin, causing irritations and ultimately sun damage. 

While we advocate wearing sunscreen everyday, we also want to acknowledge the importance of Vitamin D, we’ve seen many reports coming out about the effectiveness of Vitamin D as a natural immune booster and it seems to be playing a pretty big role in how people are able to cope with the coronavirus. Getting out and about early in the AM is a great way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D without damaging your skin.

3. Mask wearing basics

Make sure your mask is clean before putting it on!  Soap and water are great at end of day and allowing to dry overnight (in sunlight if possible) however this is not always practical especially throughout the day, so we encourage you to mist with our Be Clean Detoxifying Toner or another appropriate disinfecting spray, allow to dry for a minute before putting back on face. Making sure your mask is dry is important if you are using alcohol of any kind to disinfect your mask, as any alcohol is drying and may irritate your skin.

Alternatively, you could you have a few masks on hand throughout the day if you know you are going to be out and about.  Take great care when putting on and removing your mask, to avoid any chances of contaminating yourself. Read up more on that here

Another way to disinfect your mask is by putting it in the oven (make sure no part of the mask is touching metal, use an oven safe dish to place your masks in) and running the oven for 30 minutes at 100˚C (212˚F), you can read more about this method and the research here.  

4. Nighttime cleansing…now is the time to embrace the double cleanse!

Double cleansing your skin during your nighttime ritual is the surest way to keep any ‘mask-ne’ at bay, as well as allowing your other products to truly heal your skin, which is most efficient while you sleep. Massage a few drops of oil into your skin, we love Jenette’s Be Clean Detoxifying Elixir. Focus on areas around your nose, mouth and chin. Take a washcloth with warm water and press and hold onto your face for about 20 seconds, or simply massage the oil in and rinse well. Follow with a gentle soap cleanser and finish with a toner before layering your nighttime serums or moisturizers.

5. At home skin care rituals

The pandemic is taking a toll on all of us, including our skin and general sense of well being. Creating a small sanctuary in your own home and taking the time to do an at home facial gives yourself the best chance at keeping your skin healthy and glowing and your spirits up. We’ve written a handy step by step plan for an optimal at home facial treatment. With the right preparation and skin care products you can enjoy an effective facial at home and get great results! 

The more intention you can put into your daily skincare routines the healthier your skin and spirits will be!

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