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Niacinimide Is Trending And For Good Reason

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
Niacinimide Is Trending And For Good Reason

Niacinamide, better known as vitamin B3, is largely consumed through our diet. Fish and nuts in particular contain a lot of this. It is an essential vitamin for keeping our digestive and nervous systems functioning properly, so make sure you are ingesting plenty of it on a regular basis through your diet!

There are many good reasons why niacinamide is now trending in skincare. From relieving signs of acne, to increasing collagen, diminishing pore size and pigmentation, this power packed ingredient has countless benefits!

The best way to introduce this powerful vitamin and antioxidant niacinamide to your skincare rituals is by using a clean, potent niacin serum. Now in Jenette’s skin game changer: TRANSFORM.

What can you expect from this all-rounder? We'll explain it below!


Niacinamide reduces hyperpigmentation and can also help lighten melasma. If you want to do something to reduce your skins’ discoloration, the concentration of niacinamide in the product must be at least 4% which is precisely why we have this level in our new niacin powered, nutrient rich serum, TRANSFORM.

Our founder and alchemist Jenette states that using a higher concentration of niacinamide in our serum would not be recommended for daily use. 4% is the perfect level of concentration for all skin types.

Environmental Protection

Niacinamide also has a protective effect on the skin. The substance helps ceramides and free fatty acids that protect the skin against external influences. That is why this ingredient should not be missing in your daily skin care ritual.

Calms Redness and Rosacea

In addition to being protective, niacinamide also has a calming effect and can thus calm troubled skin and help reduce redness. Use the serum in the morning and follow with your daily SPF for best results.

Acne Prone Skin

Acne prone skin is often a bit oily. Niacinamide can also be used well here because this substance helps to keep oil production at a healthy level, balancing your pH level. For oily skin, a moisturizer can sometimes be "too much” and our niacin serum can come in handy here.

Sun Safety

Niacinamide also acts as an antioxidant. This means that this ingredient can give your skin extra protection against sun damage, but also against other types of radiation and air pollution. This ingredient is therefore indispensable for your sun protection or moisturizer.



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