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Top 5 Small Tweaks To Improve Your Skincare Rituals

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
Top 5 Small Tweaks To Improve Your Skincare Rituals
What you can do today to improve your skincare ritual. 
  1. Use the right amount - it sounds straight forward but depending on your skin type you might be using too much or too little of any product, read more here.
  2. Let your layers absorb - let your serum absorb for a minute before you add a second layer, if you are using our potions leave them to absorb for approximately 2-5 minutes as their benefits include tightening your skin, and this takes a minute
  3. Double cleanse - for example you could start with an oil or balm, and finish with a gentle soap cleanser, if you are wearing make up or applying sunscreen/getting sweaty this is especially important! 
  4. Reapply your sunscreen - if you are spending any time outdoors or even driving around you need to re-apply sunscreen, we have a few tips and tricks on how to do  this without it getting messy here. We love Suntegrity Sunsticks for this! 
  5. Tone daily! -  your toner should be an essential and foundational step in your routine, do not skip it! You get bonus points if you change your toner seasonally. 

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