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Prevention With Intention

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
Prevention With Intention

Most of us grew up believing that a sunny bronzed glow was healthy, a sign of vitality, a sign of beauty, and while nobody can dispute the benefits of some good old natural Vitamin D, in recent years everything changed. The sun was no longer good for us, it was causing skin damage and worse, it was accelerating the aging process.   If you burned in those teenage years like a lot of us did, chances are you will suffer the effects of sun damage. Couple this with using products riddled with chemicals for years and you have the perfect recipe for destroying the largest organ on your body: your skin.

Sadly, the cosmetics industry is one of the least regulated in the United States and thousands of products on the market contain harmful ingredients and chemicals.  One of our commitments as a company is to help clients figure out what is natural, what works and what doesn’t, and make recommendations on products we have personally tested and proven to work.

Rest assured that any product we release under the Jenette Skin Care name, or any product we mention in our blogs or promotions, have been tested for months by our entire team.  We are wholly dedicated to providing and sourcing the best, most natural products in the market that actually work. 

Skin Care Regimen 

Luckily, it is never too late to start a proper skin care regimen and even badly damaged skin can be restored and improved with the proper skin regimen.  As our skin changes however, so do our requirements.  Consult our rituals to learn more about the specific products that would work for you, but generally a morning and evening ritual should look something like this:


  • Clean with the Just Add Sugar or Green Tea Soap
  • Tone with Be Clean (for oily skin), Be Happy (for all skin), Be Divine (for aging skin)
  • Protect and layer with Potion No 1 or 2.
  • Moisturize with Be Nourished Apple Stem Cell Moisturizer 
  • Apply a nourishing all-natural eye cream (yes, we are creating one!)
  • Apply Suntegrity’s Impeccable tinted SPF 30, or one of Jane Iredale’s powder, and/or Vivaio Days Turmeric all-natural sunscreen. (Repeat every 2-3 hours).


  • Clean with the Just Add Sugar or Green Tea Soap
  • Rinse skin well with luke warm water 
  • Tone with Be Clean (for oily skin), Be Happy (for all skin), Be Divine (for aging skin)
  • Detoxify overnight with a few drops of Be Clean


  • Brighten and balance with Be Calm Vitamin C Serum
  • Moisturize with Be Nourish
  • Apply a nourishing all-natural eye cream 

And remember, layering the right products in the right order is a simple way to protect your skin daily and delay the signs of aging.  Prevent with intent!

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