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Summer Repairs For Your Skin

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
Summer Repairs For Your Skin


The summer months can be intense and take a toll on our skin!  If you want to save your skin please pay close attention when it comes to skincare and prevention. We advocate you wear a reef safe SPF daily, and if possible, reapply every 2 hours. Wear a hat when you can and always pick the shady side of the street or hike!  This strategy will protect your skin and prevent aging due to UV damage and inflammation. Remember not all cars have UV filtering windscreens, so the same rules apply while driving.


Unfortunately as careful as you may be, your skin will still get some unfiltered sun and while that can feel great, the damage will start accumulating.  So while you may not notice it when you are young, you will when you hit middle age. So, what can you do at night to keep your skin cells alive and healthy, fighting the day’s damage and preventing those annoying age spots?


Here’s your summer night time routine:

Step 1. Cleanse your skin with a sensitive skin cleanser such as our Green Tea Superfood Facial bar. This nutrient rich gentle soap cleanser, softens, cleanses and hydrates. It’s loaded with Organic Green Tea and Coconut Milk.

Step 2. Follow this cleanse with our Be Happy Brightening Toner. This refreshing toner instantly balances your pH and has brightening and anti-bacterial properties (that can never strip and rob your skin!). 

Step 3. Now that your skin is clean and toned, grab our Be Calm Brightening C Serum and shake it well. Many refer to this as their favorite product and we absolutely agree. Be Calm instantly calms and soothes the skin. This serum contains Medical Grade Oil Soluble Vitamin C and Sandalwood and that brightens, renews and balances your skin. Leave this on for a few minutes before adding another layer of moisture (if oily/acneic, allow this to be your serum and moisturizer).

That’s it. It’s a three step, super simple routine that will set you up for the best skin of your life. If you are reading this and you’ve already hit middle age, do your kids or younger friends a favor and send this to them. The earlier you start, the better the long term results.






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