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Skin Fast Anyone?

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
Skin Fast Anyone?

We’ve been talking about spring cleaning your skin all April, so why not take your skin detox to the next level? If you feel like your skin is dry or has bumpy patches and your regular routine just isn’t cutting it, a change in your daily skin ritual is a must. A Skin Fast might be just what you need.

Similar to a juice cleanse, where you aren’t chewing and giving your entire digestive system a break, a skin fast allows your skin to reset and find its way back to a healthy, glowing balance.

How it Works

Find a day or three that you do not have any events to go to and where you are able to go about your daily routine without wearing any make up or sunscreen. If this is not realistic you can still follow these easy steps and apply a clean and natural sunscreen with a 5-20% zinc, twenty minutes prior to leaving the house between 9am-5pm.

You’ll need three products for your Skin Fast: Be Clean Detoxifying Toner, Be Happy Brightening Toner and the Be Divine Age Defying Toner… that’s it!

Step 1. Cleanse

Start with the Be Clean Detoxifying Toner: Mist your face well with Be Clean Toner (about 5-10 sprays), dampen your hands with water and work the Be Clean Detoxifying Toner into your skin and rinse with lukewarm water. This is your cleansing phase completed. If you feel like you have a lot of build up in the evening, I would mist the Be Clean Toner again after rinsing.

Step 2. Tone

Take the Be Happy Brightening Toner, mist (about 5 sprays) and let it sit.

Step 3. Moisturize

Then you mist Be Divine Age Defying Toner (about 5 sprays…if extra dry about 5 sprays), this is your moisturizer.

If you do need to add SPF, use a natural and non-toxic zinc based cream or powder.

What You Can Expect

First, your skin will purge anything it needs to purge. You will feel your skin breathing better, you will feel smoother, calmer, and ready to get back into a regular program or start a better and healthier skin ritual. Choosing to do this Skin Fast challenge is a great introduction to clean skincare.

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