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Spring Clean Your Skin Care

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
Spring Clean Your Skin Care

When it’s time to stow away your winter sweaters, take the time to spring clean both your skincare and make up products, as well as modifying your skin and beauty routines!

Adopting a clean and sustainable lifestyle doesn’t begin and end with reducing your waste or not accepting that plastic straw. Taking a look at your skincare and make up products are perfect ways to jump start your clean lifestyle!

Here are 5 easy steps to “Spring Clean” your beauty products.

  1. Checking Labels: Are you sure the products you have been using are truly “clean”? Look out for products that contain the big No-No’s such as; fillers of any kind, gluten, soy, nuts, parabens, PEG's, petroleum, sulfates, glycols, silicone, synthetics or anything that has not originated from Mother Earth OR that has not been grown in an ethical manner.
  1. Check Expiration Dates: Make sure your products are not expired. For example, with the purity of Jenette Skin Care we recommend using each product within 6 months of opening to ensure the BEST results! This is especially important when checking anything containing SPF as the efficiency of the sunscreen will be impacted if the product is passed the expiration date. 
  2. What Have Your Products Been Exposed To: Maybe you left your favorite toner or makeup in your car or on a windowsill in your house having exposed it to sun or heat. Or maybe you did not tighten the cap back on your healing moisturizer. Any useful ingredient in your products may be null and void. 
  3. Clean Your Accessories and Make Up Tools: We all make the commitment to clean our faces regularly, yet with our technology and or anything that is touching our face and hands we might not think of this. Make sure you are sanitizing your hats, phone, yoga-mat, keyboard, mask, (sun)glasses etc daily. You can do this by using a gentle yet powerful cleanser like our Be Clean Toner or any other non-toxic sanitizer. When cleansing your make up tools use an organic and earth friendly brush cleaner or gentle shampoo and let them air dry. For those experiencing excess oiliness or breakouts, please make sure you are regularly spring cleaning your routine as well as accessories, and don’t forget to include your pillowcases. Change them out twice weekly if necessary, using gentle detergents.
  1. Throw Out Any Conventional Products That You Are Holding Onto: As you progress in your journey towards clean and sustainable beauty, start replacing old, chemical filled products with more clean, ethical ones. Your skin and our planet will thank you.  

As the seasons or your stress levels change, so should your skincare. This can range from changing your toner to wearing your heavy moisturizer only at night.

A typical routine change for most skin types in the spring could be:

  1. If you are going to spend more time outside, make sure you are layering in a serum under your SPF, such as our Potion I.
  2. Wear your heavier moisturizer only at night.
  3. Spritz your toner on a reusable pad and swipe over your clean face to ensure a clean and better canvas for your skincare to work better while you sleep.

Take a look at our skin rituals for detailed routines for your specific skin type.

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