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Skin Fast Part II

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
Skin Fast Part II

In a previous post we talked about a skin fast.  Inspired by Japanese skin care rituals, skin fasting has become popular in holistic skincare circles. This ritual is particularly beneficial to those feeling like their skin is not in balance in one form or another.

Holistic Esthetician and Transformative Facial Therapist Jenny McAteer reached out to us to share her experience with skin fasting, using only our toners, Be Happy Brightening Toner, Be Clean Detoxifying Toner and our anti aging toner, Be Divine Age Defying Toner. Using a combination of these three nutrient rich toners has enabled her to reset her skin, clear out the imbalances and start a fresh! 

Jenni spoke with us about her experience and shared how she has invited her clientele to join in the skin fast fun: 

"Many of us are using too many products, with too many different and active ingredients that all seem to be focused on stripping the skin in some form or another.   While exfoliating certainly should have a place in our skincare rituals, I see a lot of over exfoliated, dry and over sensitized skin. Using only these toners (and SPF if you are going to be outdoors) my clients have been able to detox their skin without stripping it.   Jenette's Be Divine Age Defying Toner is especially amazing at this as its jam packed with nourishing ingredients. This toner has become very popular amongst my clients. You can mist it throughout the day if you are feeling any dryness or just want a quick pick me up for your skin." 

Jenny was impressed by the results when she tried the skin fast herself, wore only sunscreen when necessary and would skin fast only on the days that she would be mostly at home. Taking a break from everything she used on her skin allowed her dermis to reset and regenerate, allowing natural protective barriers to build up in a healthy way. 



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