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Time for a Reboot!

Posted by Sylvie Greil on
Time for a Reboot!

Join Us for an Anti-Aging Detox for Glow-y Skin, Fantastic Weight Loss & Clarity of Mind!  

Let’s talk about cleanses. You might do one to lose weight quickly for a special event or to get rid of bloating, or because you feel sluggish and are sinking into brain fog. You might crave a reboot. These are all great reasons since most cleanses do wonders for your health, body, mind and skin.

We ourselves have dabbled into quite our fair share! The Master Cleanse, where all you imbibe is lemon water with maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The Dr. Z and Quick Cleanse, which purifies the liver and colon and removes toxins from your system. Frequently, all we sip is clear veggie broth and herbal teas and take a break from solid food altogether. These are all splendid regimens, but there’s one that has won us over with its astounding results: The Anti-Aging Detox by Vicky DeRosa.

This cleanse is absolutely magical and unlike any others we’ve tried. Our founder Jenette is about to do it for her third time and is excited to team up with Vicky, a healthy living expert, activist, and CEO of V-Well Health, to offer this opportunity to anyone looking for a complete reboot. 

“For me, what’s so special about this detox, is that I’m getting incredible emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual support. During the three days, I feel well-rounded and well-balanced. Of course, I go through stages where I feel tired or energized, or my senses are heightened. I feel foggy, but then I feel super clear again. But the meditations and the journaling exercises are incredibly helpful. The biggest shift is that I gain mental clarity, feel alive again with my creative juices flowing, and any stagnation is gone,” says Jenette.

Of course, you can do this three-day detox and sip Vicky’s carefully crafted tonics just to clear out toxins and clean out the cobwebs. You can make it just about the fast, and this alone will do wonders for your health. But you also have the option of bringing about a real, deeper shift by also doing her suggested 30-minute daily protocol of chakra-balancing meditations and journaling. Vicky will meet you where you are. If you need handholding and feel like you’re about to falter, she will support you.

For the last several years, Vicky has been traveling to major cities to offer her detox drink as a group event. People love it as it energizes them, detoxifies their organs, creates an incredible glow, and produces an 8- to 10-pound weight loss. The tonics are filled with nutrients that will satiate you. They’re a proprietary, 100-percent-organic blend of herbs, a little fruit, and a smidgen of maple syrup or Manuka honey.

This detox comprises nine organic mason jars full of everything you need for three full days. If a person is concerned with losing too much weight, she provides a list of foods they can eat along with the cleanse. One thing she will say for sure, and she speaks from experience: The third day is illuminating!

Vicky has an amazing life story. One morning, she woke up almost blind. Her first thought was that she needed glasses. Well, it wasn’t as simple as that. Instead, she spent the next six months seeing almost 70 doctors. Finally, she went to a rare disease specialist in Manhattan who told her that she had a serious illness for which there is was no treatment or cure. She was diagnosed with Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy, a genetic disease that causes blindness. He presented her with no choice but to learn to live as a blind person.

Yet Vicky didn’t accept the diagnosis. Healing starts with belief. So, instead, she spent a year and a half on her health, diet, meditation, and practicing positivity. Amazingly, she regained her eyesight. For two years, she had not been able to see her kids' faces. Today, she considers this life-changing event a blessing and the inspiration to build her health company devoted to wellness and healing.

 In 2009, her son was struck with blindness. He was 21 years old and they discovered through a DNA test that he had the same genetic disease Vicky was diagnosed with 6 years earlier. Using the very same herbal drink that she used to heal herself within two years, he was cured 100%, in just 24 hours.

Her mantra is “It’s never too late.” It’s never too late to start on a health regimen, whether you are dealing with a serious illness, the common cold, or the effects of aging. Anything can be cured with the right mindset and tools. Even if we are already eating a very healthy diet and doing all of the right things, this little “extra” is truly magical.


Jenette Skin Care is excited to present this life-changing detox program on March 10, 2024, at our Being in LA spa location in Los Angeles. In only three days, you will experience a complete regeneration of your physical and mental health! These benefits include weight loss, glowing skin, and clarity of mind. It's the reboot you’ve been wanting!


What: Being in LA & Vicky DeRosa Detox Event
When/Pick up: March 10, 2024
Where: Being in LA, Silverlake (2500 Hyperion Ave. LA 90027)
Price: $500 (Reg. $1,000)

To reserve your spot, make your payment of $500 to Being in LA by March 1, 2024!



Learn more about Vicky’s work at and You can also find her on LinkedIn and TikTok. Be sure to check out her TED Talk!

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