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Martha Flores

Posted by Sylvie Greil on
Martha Flores

My journey with Jenette started four years ago when I was trying to find a solution for severe hyperpigmentation. My face had crazy red and brown spots and I was feeling very insecure about my appearance. Jenette really saved and healed my skin! I credit my now healthy, bright, and glowing skin all to her regimen, treatments, and products. I love them all, but these are my favorites: 

Be Calm! The name says it all. Anytime I have a burning sensation or a breakout, Be Calm - Brightening C Serum is my go-to product. Be Clean – Detoxifying Elixir is truly an amazing elixir. I use it in conjunction with Be Calm and I can feel the healing process begin. Potion No. 1 is my pore savior. It is just an amazing product to help reduce the size of my pores. I’ve been using it along with other Jenette products and they all work in such harmony. Potion No. 1  is pure MAGIC! The smell is just so refreshing when you’re applying it to your skin. 

I start my morning ritual with the Green Tea – Superfood Facial Bar. After rinsing, your skin feels so clean and refreshed. Just Add Sugar is my go-to soap every night, especially if I have a breakout. Love the heart shape and the smell of the cacao. I apply it directly on the breakout spot, leaving it on for 30 seconds, then rinsing it off. Using it in conjunction with the Be Clean Elixir and Be Calm Serum, my breakouts are almost gone the following morning. 

I just love Be Renewed - Limited Edition Black Sand Scrub. You can feel the black sand working the minute you start scrubbing. The glow in your face afterward … it’s very satisfying! Then there’s Transform Niacin Serum. It’s like a genie in a bottle! I love this serum and started it once a day when it launched. Now I use it twice a day, and my pores have diminished substantially and my skin is silky and smooth. I’m in love with it! 

I totally recommend making this investment for your beautiful face! Jenette, you’re the skin guru we all need in our life!

~ Martha Flores

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