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Sandra Ranger

Posted by Cutter Cutshaw on
Sandra Ranger

I was introduced to the Jenette All Natural Skin Care line a year ago in June of 2021, and my results have exceeded all of my expectations. Suffering from acne since the age of 14, I had all but given up on having completely clear skin. In early 2019, I started to develop even more severe cystic acne all over my cheeks and chin (an area that had never broken out before). My confidence was shattered, and it felt like an endless cycle I would never be able to escape. Through independent research on the web, I was able to clear my skin 75 percent by putting down the actives (I had no idea what I was doing!) picking up a gentle moisturizer and dedicating sunscreen to my routine. My barrier was doing better, however I still had not achieved the glowing, clear skin that I sought. I began to accept that I would always have congested, dull skin, and felt that it was as good as it could get. Then I met Jenette and her fabulous team, and they transformed my skin more than I knew was possible, all in a matter of weeks. Jenette steered my routine in the right direction and has always been direct and transparent about what my skin needs. She also has the most in-depth knowledge of all ingredients she uses, as well as the ingredients most major brands use and why they are or aren’t good for the skin. Seriously, she is like a human encyclopedia when it comes to skin care. She has never tried to sell me on dozens of products to add to my routine, has never instructed me to use tons of product (unlike other companies that want you to use excessive amounts in order to keep you purchasing frequently!). Jenette has a formula and a mission that I truly stand behind, and her goal to heal skin from the inside out is unlike so many others in the skin care game. I use the Be Clean elixir, Green Tea Soap, Be Happy toner, and Epicuren sunscreen daily and I save so much money not having to play a guessing game with my skin any longer. I highly recommend Jenette’s products, and monthly facials if you can visit Being in LA, it will transform your skin, and the way you care for your skin! 

~ Sandra Ranger

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